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Rwanda borders to be reopened after three years

Rwanda borders to be reopened After its closure for three years.

What a long-waited day this is! It is quite impressing and amazing to be heard by the people of Rwanda and Uganda at large .The good news of reopening the Rwanda borders was heard on Friday that the boarders of Uganda and Rwanda would be opened on Monday  .This announcement left every one so excited and joyful because they were tired of the ongoing situation that had now taken over for almost three years  since the president of Rwanda Paul  kagame  had closed the borders of Rwanda  from crossing to Uganda and other countries  that was   due to some un conditional factors such as the outbreak of covid 19 .However there were other factors that Rwanda relied on when  closing its borders thus  stopping its  collaboration with Rwanda and other countries   such as accusing the Ugandan authorities of backing rebels who were always opposing the president of Rwanda Paul kagame .  This really led to the suffering of the two countries because they used to trade together through exchanging their imports and exports therefore the closure led to rapid decrease of the two countries’  economy such as trade hence leading to poverty.

Before the two presidents would sit to agree on the fully reopening of the borders, the truck drivers were first opened and this led to the complaining of the people demanding for the full re opening of the economy.

The president of Uganda Yoweri kaguta Museveni’s  son muhoozi  went to Kigali to meet  Paul kagame the president of Rwanda and had a meeting which meeting was to talk about the reopening of  the two borders .They both sat and finally agreed to reopen the borders on Monday .More so Sheila kawamara ,the executive director of the eastern African sub regional support for the advancement of women called for the reopening of the boarders . she wanted the women to resume with their work in trade because they had suffered a lot and many of them had gone into marriage without them wanting but just because of poverty and the closure of the borders.

The Gatuna-katuna border that had been closed for quite a long time will also be opened on Monday hence allowing the crossing of Ugandans to Rwanda This will lead to the restoration of the lost and destroyed economy during the closure of the borders.

More so the cyanika border will also be opened to allow trending among both countries with any disturbance .

When Rwanda borders were closed, it was very difficult, for the people to cross the borders from Uganda to Rwanda whereby they only had an option of flying by air and which was expensive and costly.


 Crossing of the boarders

It has been very difficult for the people from both borders Uganda and Rwanda to cross the borders  ,

But the decision of reopening the borders by the president of Rwanda and general muhoozi     has made it easy for the tourists who now want to visit Uganda to come in without any disturbance .These tourists mostly come to visit national parks most especially the parks that have primates such as Bwindi impenetrable national park ,kibale national park and Mgahinga national park .

Trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park 

The opening of the borders brought in many Rwanda tourists who would like to trek in mountain gorillas in the park since this park is known for these primates .

These tourists can now come in through the Uganda border and enter by any transport means of their choice .This is done with the help of the trained tour guide who will pick them from hotel  ,have a brief walk around the city and then set off  fro their journey to Bwindi impenetrable national park .Along their way they will have to see the beautiful land scape and the sceneries .The will also see the beautiful and abundant tree species ,animals and swamps. As you continue with your journey , you will have a rest at lake bunyonyi where you will have a boat cruise and your lunch .You will continue with your journey to Bwindi impenetrable national park where you will reach and have a check in at a lodge where you will have your refreshment , dinner and then rest at the same time .The next day you will wake up very early have your breakfast . You will then have to go to the head quarters to have a briefing fast with your guide about the trekking rules and regulations of the mountain gorillas .The trekking will then start with the help of this guide who will help you trek the gorillas  in the jungle following their foot prints while grazing .Once you find the gorillas , you will be allowed to stay with them for over one hour with them taking the photos and getting used to their behavior .However it is luck that you will see the gorillas ,therefore it is not a must that you will see them .After the trekking , the tourists will then have to go back to have lunch and then refresh .They will then have a nature walk in the evening where they will have to see other different animal species .Then go back to their lodges where they will prepare to go back to their home area the next day .

But all in all this has all been done because of the fully reopening of the borders which has made the countries happy and has helped to raise the tourism sectors up again which had ran bank  rapt because of covid 19 .

The economy of  Rwanda and Uganda

The economy of the two countries had totally fallen down since the closure of the two countries where by the peoples goods and produces had all got destroyed because of being kept for all the the three years in their stores during the closure of the borders .This made people to suffer with poverty and hunger .


The reopening of the borders has made the economy of the two countries to settle and be stable again .








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