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Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is found deep within Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and it is one of two only lodges that are located within the camp in other words it’s enclosed within the Park’s boundaries. It is situated on the top of a flat ridge and it’s mainly in the Buhoma sector, in the northern part of Bwindi. This camp is one of the best lodges to book for your stay at Bwindi National Park and its one of the most highly recommended ones.


Unlike other lodges, the location of sanctuary gorilla forest camp within Bwindi Impenetrable Park provides clients with favourable opportunities of having clear views of the Wildlife as well as the various colorful bird species as they sing in the air producing sweet melodies hence making your rest at the camp a memorable one. The camp has classic tented accommodation in other words it has eight private elegant and luxurious safari tents set on the forest’s misty slopes, which are beautified and furnished with mahogany floorboards and private porches, together with local artefacts hence creating a real African scene accommodation. The tents have nice looking Queen-sized beds and large deep bathtubs that are perfectly positioned in a way that they enable you to have a look out unto the forest canopy. They also have electricity and water for all hours making your stay at the camp more comfortable. The camp also has a tailor-made campfire on the lawn which is mainly for gorilla debriefing, and in the night, clients gather around the central camp fire as they chat and enjoy conversations of the day’s adventure in an atmosphere of the night chorus beautified by bright stars up in the sky.

This lodge has a skilled and experienced staff that handles quick service delivery and they as well offer excellent services. This staff will take care of you during your stay at the camp and they always ensure that they prepare and serve the delicious meals in time and the breakfast as well so that you can reach the park headquarters in time for your briefing as you prepare to go for your gorilla trek. The camp also has favourable facilities with tasty drinks that you do enjoy while in the cosy bar and the delicious meals that you enjoy while in the dinning cottage overlooking the rainforest and if it’s during the fine weather, you can dine outside while in the cool air on a raised natural platform with a beautiful surrounding. And surely you shouldn’t really miss out tasting the delicious African traditional meal of smoked beef mixed in G-Nut pest (pea nut butter) served together with millet bread known as “kalo” in local language.

Amazingly, clients should not be surprised when they are visited by some of the Bwindi celebrities, which are the habituated gorillas which sometimes walk by the tents. Therefore you may get a chance of seeing them before you even go for your gorilla trek.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp Facilities

The facilities at sanctuary gorilla forest camp include;

  • Availability of WiFi
  • SPA where you will be treated with sweet massages after a long day adventure in the forest.
  • Beauty or wellness Therapist
  • A well- stocked Bar
  • The central cottage with a spacious and comfortable lounge area for relaxing.
  • A Summer nights call for drinks and conversation around the campfire.

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp Rates for the Luxury Tents 2018      

Period    Rate
Valid from 1st November- 20th December
1-3 Nights $380
4-6 Nights $266
7+ Nights $247
Valid from 1st -31 October
1-3 Nights $500
4-6 Nights $450
7+ Nights $375
Valid from 21st June- 30th September ,21st December- 6th January 2019
1-3 Nights $635
4-6 Nights $603
7+ nights $572


Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp Rates for the Luxury Tents 2019     

Period    Rate
Valid from 1st April-20th June, 1st November-20th December
1-3 Nights $395
4-6 Nights $277
7+ Nights $257
Valid from 7th January-31st March, 1st -31 October
1-3 Nights $550
4-6 Nights $495
7+ Nights $413
Valid from 21st June- 30th September, 21st December-5th January 2020
1-3 Nights $690
4-6 Nights $656
7+ nights $621



Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest camp | On the northern edge of Bwindi National Park, close to the Buhoma trailhead, there is a luxurious base called Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp. It is one of the two upscale lodges in the park; the other being Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, which is located on the southern edge of the forest.

What makes Sanctuary special?

One of the most well-liked lodging alternatives for gorilla trekkers seeking a luxurious base is Sanctuary camp. It is located in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, only five minutes from the trailhead headquarters in Buhoma. The most well-liked gorilla trekking path in the park is Buhoma. Since the camp is actually a part of the environment, gorillas frequently emerge from the nearby foliage and roam the grounds.

Along with its fantastic location, the Sanctuary team has what it takes to succeed in the East African luxury accommodation market: excellent service and artistically functional design. The staff goes above and beyond to look after each visitor, and the accommodations are private, tented cottages with queen size mattresses and a private en-suite toilet.

The simple items also serve as a continual reminder that you are distant from civilization while you are sitting around a campfire at night. The epitome of luxury adventure travel is waking up early to begin your day’s adventuring with freshly cleaned and dried boots and clothes ready and waiting for you, along with a fresh coffee and the crisp jungle air. 

Rooms and Amenities.

Around Sanctuary camp, there are 8 private tented cabins, and two more are being built with plans to launch in 2020. Every cabin is elevated on a wooden platform. Two queen-sized beds, a viewing terrace, and an attached bathroom are included in each cottage. A lounge area with a dining area and a bar is located in the main lodge building.

The lodge provides spa services, such as massages. The meal is consistently delicious, the service is first-rate, and there is a daily laundry service.

Gorilla trekking from Sanctuary.

On the northern edge of the Bwindi forest, Sanctuary can be found close to the Buhoma trailhead. The most well-known trekking route, Buhoma, is where gorilla trekking first started in 1993.

The Rushegura gorilla family like to stay out close to the village, making this one of the four trailheads around Bwindi the most accessible for trekking (and the reason they occasionally stray onto the grounds of Sanctuary camp!).

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