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Game drive in kidepo valley national park

Game drive in kidepo valley national park, this gives you an opportunity to see the several wildlife found in Kidepo

Kidepo valley national park is among the 10 national parks in Uganda and it is one of the top destinations that is highly considered on a Uganda wildlife safaris with a lot of incredible wildlife animals that can be enjoyed on a game drive safari. The park is located in the north eastern part of Uganda and it is rich in huge populations of wildlife that is rare or even in few numbers in other national park. It is dominated with open savannah grassland that is home to the wildlife animals.

What is unique about game drives in kidepo valley national park?

Although the park is located very far away from Kampala capital city, it is home to a wide range of unique wildlife animals that will be viewed in very huge populations compared to other national parks. There are two sections in kidepo valley national park where game drive safaris are conducted, such as Narus valley and kidepo valley.

 Narus valley section

The valley is occupied with savannah grassland that enhances clear views of the inselbergs which can be viewed in a distance while on a game drive safari in Narus valley section of the park. Narus valley is the best spot for wildlife game safaris in kidepo valley national park due to the fact that it has a high concentration population of wild animals that gather in the dry season at valley to drink water and feed on the savannah grassland. Animals expected to be seen in kidepo valley national park include the African caped buffaloes, the beautiful gentle elephants’, waterbucks, bushbucks, the Uganda kobs, the zebras, hippos,  the antelopes, the Rothschild giraffes among other animals. The valley is home to a wide variety of grazing wildlife animals that attract a wide range of carnivorous animals such as the lions, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs among others. These animals gather at the valley to drink water therefore they can easily be spotted on game drive safari in kidepo national park.

Kidepo valley section

Another part to enjoy game drive in kidepo national park is kidepo valley which is attached to the origin of the name of the national of the park. The section has little concentration of wild life animals compared to Narus valley section. Kidepo valley is supplied by the Kidepo River which is a season river that dries up during the dry season the valley dries completely and in the rainy season the river floods. Despite these challenges in kidepo valley section, the place is home to unique wildlife animals which are rare and endangered such as the beautiful ostriches, the cheetahs, nocturnal leopards, the kudus, elands, the wolf eared bats among others that may not be found elsewhere in Uganda. The valley is home to other wildlife species such as burchell’s zebra, giraffes, waterbucks, Oribis, bohor reedbuck, Jackson’s Hartebeests.

Other activities to do in kidepo valley national park

Besides the exception game drive adventure in kidepo valley national park, there is other activities that can be done in kidepo valley national such as nature walk, bird watching experience, as community visit.

Nature walks

Nature in kidepo valley national park is done Apoka camp area which is safe part but not in the whole park since the park is home to a lot of wild cat animals like the hyenas, the leopards, lions and cheetahs. Nature walk will give you an opportunity to enjoy viewing wildlife animals like, giraffes, reed busk, the zebras, elephants, bulbuls among others.

Community visit, community visit can be combined with game drive safaris in kidepo valley national park. Community walks will expose travelers about the African lifestyle, cultural dances, the tradition way of dressing, which will be explored among the karamonjas homestead which is the surrounding community as well as the interesting story about the indigenous people.

Bird watching experience.

This is another interesting activity that is best done at Narus valley and kidepo valley sections while on a game drive and the bird that will be viewed are notable birds. Birds expected to be viewed include dark chanting goshawk, ostriches, red and yellow barbet among others.

In conclusion kidepo valley national park is a great destination that is considered on wildlife safaris in Uganda besides Murchison fall national park, Queen Elizabeth national park.

Game drive in kidepo valley national park, this gives you an opportunity to see the several wildlife found in Kidepo

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