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Mabira forest

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Mabira forest is one of the tropical rain forests that cover an area of approximately 300 square kilometers. It is situated in south eastern region of Uganda in Buikwe district in between Lugazi Jinja road from Kampala capital city. It is one of the natural forest that has been protected by the government of Uganda and the all the natives of the country and it is one of the oldest that was gazetted in 1932. Mabira forest has been several times been threatened by several attempts by the government to be sold off to the Indian investors but the people of Uganda have fought so harder to resist so as they can retain their natural forest, however despite the struggle of the citizens of Uganda to protect the natural forest, the forest has been encroached on by the Indian investors in some of its edges.

 Mabira forest national reserve is a natural environment that is home to various wildlife species where majority of it is rare and endangered but contribute great to tourism attractions in Uganda.  It is a habitat to over 200 natural wood tree species, home to the rare primate mammals, birds, it is a home open patch of savannah grassland, papyrus swamps, the beautiful waterfall, as well as the gently falling streams.

Highlights of activities in Mabira forest

Mabira forest is a great destination for adventure activities that are organized in the forest such as zip-ling where the legs and body is tied with the head facing down, hiking; nature walks through the forest, bird watching experience, camping among others.

Uniqueness about Mabira forest

Mabira forest is one of the best destinations that can be visited by visitors on an excursion since it is too close to the Kampala city. Travelers on a short safari to Mabira forest will have an opportunity to explore the forest beauty as well as various wildlife species as such as the red tailed monkeys, the blue duiker, the bush pigs, the grey checked mangabey, leopards although rare to be spotted among others.

The forest is home to over 300 bird species that can be spotted while on a nature walk in the forest that is why the Mabira forest is considered and ranked as one of the best destinations for bird watching experience to travelers who are bird lovers. Bird species expected to see include the forest wood hoopoe, little greenbull, francolins African dwarf kingfisher, white-billed kingfisher, blue throatened roller, pigeons, African pied hornbill among others.

What to do in Mabira forest?

There is awide range of activity to engage in when you visit the forest and they include;

Zip-lining in Mabira forest, this is one of the major reason the forest is frequently visited and the activity is extremely interesting and adventurous in nature. It involves tying your legs and body with head facing up while you’re supported with various tree species as you swing in the air. Zip-lining will offer you an opportunity to view various wildlife spices in the forest that cannot be seen on a nature walk, such as the birds, the rare primate species and it is best done at griffin falls in the forest  such as the grey checked mangabey, red tailed monkeys, among others.

Mountain biking, the biking experience will give you an opportunity to explore the griffin falls, the near by communities, as well as the gently sparkling streams in the deep forest and travelers can still explore Mabira forest creature while on the mountain bike safari.

How to get to Mabira forest?

Mabira forest is located in the south eastern part of Uganda and it is close to Kampala city, it can be accessed by road transport using a 4×4 safari vehicle it is about 2 hours’ drive from Kampala city if there is no traffic jam. For travelers who would like to explore Mabira forest, please contact adventure the wild safaris for great your experts in organizing Uganda safari excursions. Please contact us for more information about exploring Mabira forest.

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