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Uganda safari hotel

Before travelers visit the pearl of Africa to enjoy and appreciate the unique great wonders of the pearl of Africa, there is need to budget for the Uganda safari accommodation facility to use while on their safari. To a large extent, a safari hotel in Uganda a will influence a travelers expenditure as they plan to visit the Africa.

There is a wide variety of Uganda safari hotels ranging from budget, midrange, and luxury hotels and traveler’s hotel booking decision will depend on how best he would like to enjoy his safari, services to explore, the tourism destination to visit and activity to enjoy.

Not all the travelers who travel for a Uganda safari adventure arrive at Entebbe international airport and they immediately set off to the tourism destinations and they begin their safari activity. Most of the Uganda tourism destinations especially national parks are found different distances and they are very far from the Kampala and Entebbe international airport, this implies that there will need for travelers to be transferred to a hotel of residence in Kampala for an overnight stay until the following day when they will have to set off very early in the morning to the destination where they are going to enjoy Uganda safari.

Some of the Kampala hotels to use on a Uganda safari include Serena hotel Kampala, Sheraton hotel, Skyz hotel Naguru, faraway hotel, forest cottages, and acacia hotel, chez Johnson Muyenga among others.

From Kampala travelers will be transferred to their safari lodge in the national park, the accommodation lodge of stay can either be found in Murchison falls national park, Bwindi forest national park, queen Elizabeth national park or in any other Uganda national park or safari destination, all these have got all types of accommodation hotel facilities that travelers would like to use on safari with very excellent service and Ugandan welcoming staff that will assist to make your safari unforgettable in the pearl of Africa.

What is the cost of Uganda safari hotel?

The price cost will depend on the period or season when travelers would like to travel to enjoy a Uganda safari, during the peak season, most hotels are crowed and they are on a very high demand due to the fact that there are very many travelers that are coming to Uganda. The hotel rates are high due to the very high demand from many travelers and during the low season/ off season it is the opposite very few travelers are coming in Uganda and there is less occupancy at the hotel thus it will influence low rates so as safari hotels can survive in the low season until the peak season is on.

 Uganda safari hotels go further during the low season to offer discounted rates to travelers especially group travelers who visits Uganda for a safari adventure. This is done so that to encourage more tourists to visit Uganda and book accommodation with them. We therefore encourage travelers to travel in the low season so as they can save some dollars and also enjoy the discounted offers from the safari hotels and tour operators.

Although the peak season which is as well-known as the dry season pushes the hotel accommodation rates to go high, it is the best time for Uganda safari adventure experience when roads are passable and also hiking to trek the mountain gorillas becomes easy since there is little rainfall.

How to book a Uganda safari hotel?

Booking a Uganda safari hotel is an easy endeavor once travelers have decided and know which hotel to use on Uganda safari. Most hotels in Uganda have got reservation offices that travelers can directly contact to reach them and place their accommodation booking before the dates of traveler. the reservation staff will assist you know more about their offers are availability occupies so as you can book your accommodation depending on their availability and type offer you would like to enjoy while on Uganda safari.

Most of the accommodation hotel offers are on full board rates (breakfast, lunch and dinner) others are on half board rates (breakfast and lunch) and others on bed and breakfast rate. Whichever offer the traveler will choose to book will depend on his/her interests and budget.

Alternatively, travelers can choose to book their accommodation with tour operators who are going to organize their Uganda safaris and all other necessary arrangements. Advantage of booking with a company is that have got discounted rates from the hotel thus it will help the traveler to save some dollars then he/she does the direct booking and he is given rack hotel rate. When you book with adventure in the wild safari, our Uganda safari package are always inclusive of the accommodation that the traveler will use on his safari stay.

However for a perfect Uganda safari hotel arrangement and bookings, we advise travelers to enjoy make advance booking to avoid last minute booking and inconveniences on your safari. The experience of safari hotel will as well influence your great memories about your planned Uganda safari therefore advance booking will help a tour operator to take his time for to choose for you a perfect hotel that will supplement great memories about Uganda.

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