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How many mountain gorillas are left

How many mountain gorillas are left in the world?

Since their scientific discover in 1902, the population of the mountain gorillas has bee on a steady decline and there are currently about 880 mountain gorillas left in the world, and these can only survive in the wild. The mountain gorillas are enlisted as critically endangered, and efforts are underway to ensure that these giant primates don’t go extinct.

population of mountain gorillas

Where do the mountain gorillas live?

The Mountain Gorillas are found in their natural habitats in the virunga region in four protected areas, The virunga national park of the democratic republic of Congo, the Volcanoes national park of Rwanda, The Bwindi national park and Mgahinga national park of Uganda. The Gorillas live in the wild, and its rare for them to survive in captivity.

Threats to the mountain Gorillas?

Since their scientific discovery, the mountain gorilla population has greatly declined for a number of reasons including habitat loss to humans, and hunting. However with the setting up of the protected areas, the mountain gorilla population is expected to increase.

Population census for the mountain Gorillas

There are usuall population cesus carried out in the protected areas to determine the number of mountain gorillas left. The cenus is however uncordinated, and the three countries donot carry it out at the same time. This means that the accurate number of mountain gorillas left at any given point in time is very hard to determine. Uganda is currently carrying out the population census for the mountain gorillas and their population in Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla national Parks will soon be annoinced.

How is a gorilla different from human beings? Are mountain gorillas biologically similar to human beings?

The Mountain Gorillas are very similar to Human Beings, they share 98.6% of our genomes and 99.6% of our DNA. Only the chimpanzees share a more genetic similarly with humans.

Population and distribution of the mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are live in two separate locations – the Virunga range of extinct volcanic mountains on the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Uganda, and in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. Some primatologists believe the Bwindi gorillas may be a separate subspecies.

Previous Mountain Gorilla population

Ever since their discovery in the early nineteenth century, the population of the mountain Gorillas begun to decline drastically attributed to several factors including but not limited to habitat loss, uncontrolled hunting, war and civil unrest and capture for illegal pet trade yet the mountain gorillas rarely survive in captivity.

Current Mountain Gorilla population

The population of the mountain gorillas is however slowly increasing, thanks to conservation efforts and the population in the recent years increased from 620 individuals in 1989 to approximately 880 individuals today.

How gorilla trekking helps to conserve the mountain gorillas?

Mountain Gorilla trekking is one of the most desired tourist activities in East Africa, and yes this has greatly aided in the conservation of the mountain gorillas. The gorilla trekking permit costs $600 in Uganda, $1500 in Rwanda and $400 in the democratic republic of Congo. Part of the amount you pay for your gorilla trekking permit is used in the conservation and research process, another part is used to develop and educate the communities around the protected gorilla conservation areas and to develop the infrastructure. Therefore, book your Gorilla trekking tour with Adventure in the wild safaris, and help in the conservation of the mountain Gorillas.

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