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Kampala City Tours, What to see and do

Kampala is the capital and the commercial city of the Republic of Uganda. On your Uganda safari, do not miss out this exciting tour which offers you a variety of options. You will chose trail that you are interested in for example those interested in culture can visit the Baganda’s Kasubi tombs, Lubiri Ceremonial palace, Mengo (Parliament of Buganda Kingdom ), Nagalabi (Coronation ground for Buganda kingdom). You will also visit the Uganda Museum, Kampala markets, Cathedrals, Mosques and Temples on your Uganda tour.

Namirembe and Rubaga Cathedral

Uganda is a country of many religious denominations including Namirembe and Rubaga Cathedral. These two are strategically located on a hill which the Buganda Kabaka giving them land for Settlement to establish their ‘headquarters’. Namirembe Cathedral is Anglican and Rubaga Cathedral is Catholic and they are the oldest cathedrals in Uganda and command great views over Kampala.

Uganda Martyrs Shrine.

Uganda Martyrs Shrine is located in Namugongo. It serves as a remembrance for the Ugandans who were brutally killed by Buganda’s Kabaka Mwanga for sticking to their Faith. The shrine offers opportunity to learn about the history of Christianity in Uganda

Uganda Museum.

The Uganda Museum contains all the historical background and beliefs of Ugandans including culture, technology, tools used over the years and traditional music Instruments.

Kasubi tombs.

The Kasubi tombs serve as a burial ground for some of the kings of Buganda. You will be told more tales about this tomb by your guide.

Bulange and Lubiri.

The Lubiri is located on a stretch covering one mile and it is the official residence of the Kabaka where as Bulange is the parliament of the Buganda kingdom. Parliament sessions are held every month to discuss the issues concerning tradition, development and culture and it is visited by the Kabaka (king) twice a year to open and close the sessions respectively.

Gadhafi Mosque.

The Gadhafi mosque was built with support from  Muammer Gadhafi, the Libyan leader and it is the national mosque in Uganda. It is located on one of the seven hills of Kampala and has a very rich history. Climb up the many steps of the mosque and view the beautiful city of Kampala through a bird’s eye view.

The Baha’I Temple.

Here you will enjoy the sight of the magnificent building and learn about the Baha’I faith. The temple is also a bird lovers paradise. It is located on the Kikaya Hill in the suburbs of Kampala.

Craft and local markets.

Kampala has a lot of craft markets (either permanent or weekly/monthly). Visit a craft market and purchase a souvenir of Ugandan Heritage from Prints, Canvas, paintings and postcards. Do not miss out the busy markets of Nakasero which is full of fruits and the Owino market- both located in the heart of the city.

Other tourist attractions in Kampala include the local restaurants, monuments, Ndere centre among others.

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