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Uganda gorilla trekking best time to go

Uganda has a record that it receives a number of travelers that come to do gorilla trekking throughout the year not basically considering the best time to come for gorilla trekking. However, much gorilla trekking is considered as a year round activity there are best times to when the activity can be done.

Uganda lies between the Africa’s equator and it is posed with a warm tropical climate, temperatures ranging from 25 – 29c (77 – 84F). However, in the mountainous areas like Mt. Rwenzori, Mt.  Elgon it is much cooler and often covered with snow. Most of Uganda’s regions, there is an annual rainfall which ranges from 1000mm to 1500mm per year besides the north region which is dry but gorilla trekking has never been done in the northern parts of the park therefore it may be best months to go trekking.

 According the annual calendar of Uganda for Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mountain Mgahinga national park where trekking is done. There is a lot of rainfall in the southern parts of the park between march to mid-May. While as the northern region is dry by then and it will expect rainfall between April and October.

In the months of mid-May and mid-October that’s when Uganda expects its dry longest season in the southern parts of all the parks. This is when the peak season in Uganda starts and it is the recommended time that a traveler can go gorilla trekking in any of the two parks.

However, gorilla trekking is done in the tropical rainforests of Bwindi and Mgahinga national park which receive rainfall throughout year, therefore it is expected to rain any time even when we are in the dry season. On that note we advise travelers to still carry water proof clothes or rain jackets even when it is a dry season, because we expect it rain any time.

It is this peak season that even lodges increase the accommodation rates, the gorilla trekking permit tends to very competitive, on high demand by many travelers and sometimes the permits get sold out. Therefore, we advise that if a traveler is intending to travel these months he/ she will be required to make an advance booking of the gorilla permit before travel because in this season there are possibilities of being disappointed when you reach on ground and the gorilla permits are sold out which means a traveler will miss out on gorilla trekking.

Another added advantage with Uganda it can rain in the morning and after sometime you will receive the sunshine then proceed with the trekking activity

Between the mouths of mid-October and mid-November, in Uganda we expect to receive shorter rains. This is obvious that in the park where gorilla trekking is done, the grounds are wet, muddy and slippery making the climbing and hiking in the deep forest hard while trekking the mountain gorillas. It may thus not be a season to go gorilla trekking in the parks jungle. On the other, the season is the best for the birders since during the rain periods, most trees and plants are flowering thus it is easy to sight out birdlife as they enjoy the juice in these flowers.  This is the peak season for birding specialist tours, the rains cause the blue skies which enables clear photography images or pictures.

For travelers who would like to experience both gorilla trekking and wildlife adventure, December and February is another dry season though the shortest in the year but it is also considered a peak season in Uganda

Other recommended months of travel is between February and September where discounted rates can be got from lodge accommodations because of the less room occupancies, it is not so crowded with many travelers unlike the traditional peak Christmas and summer seasons.

To participate in Uganda gorilla trekking is everyone’s dream to experience once in a life time in Bwindi and mountain Mgahinga national park jungle. What should be important to note for any traveler planning to trek the endangered species is when should be the best time to go trekking the mountain gorillas. Adventure in the wild safaris together with its team welcomes all travelers who would like to make their dream come true for the mountain gorilla trekking adventure in the African wild.

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