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Cost Uganda Gorilla trekking Permit Price 2020

The cost for Uganda gorilla trekking permits is $700 effective 1st July 2020. The increase in the gorilla trekking permit price was communicated in August 2019 by the Uganda wildlife authority the body in charge of regulating park entry fees and activity for Uganda national parks and reserves.

Uganda Gorilla Permit Price Increase

How to Book Gorilla trekking Permits

The price of the Uganda gorilla trekking permits was increased such that more revenue is generated to add on that which is use for conservation purposes and research and also for the provision of social services to the communities leaving around the protected areas.  This therefore means that whenever you track the gorillas in Uganda, you contribute immensely to the conservation of the endangered mountain gorillas and to the development of the communities around the national parks in terms of infrastructure and social economic transformation through the various initiatives and projects government does around the national park.

What is included on the gorilla trekking permit?

The amount you pay for gorilla trekking permit is basically the park entry fee to see the mountain gorillas. The fee collected is used for conservation purposes, development of communities around the national parks and to improve the infrastructure in Uganda as a country.

When you pay for the gorilla trekking permit, you should therefore expect admission into the park as per your booked date, trekking the gorillas in a group of 8 people, you should also expect to be accompanied by well-trained ranger guides and police officer who not only provide all the information you will need to know about the gorillas, but also ensure that you are safe and that you are able to see the gorillas.

Gorilla trekking permit availability

You can always send us your inquiries and we shall let you know about the gorilla trekking availability for your dates and also provide the advice on how to make your gorilla trekking safari better.

How much is the Uganda gorilla trekking permit?

From 2019 up to June 30th 2020, the gorilla trekking permits are at $600, however from 1st July 2020 the price of gorilla trekking permits was increased and an extra $100 will apply per person for all our trips involving gorilla trekking.

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