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Uganda Gorilla Trekking Silverback

Silverback gorilla is a mature male very giant gorilla that it is muscular and twice heavier than the female mountain gorilla. Usually the mature silverback gorilla play and exercise the role of leadership in most gorilla families thus they are always the head or sometimes they break off with other members to form their own families since they are very aggressive in the jungle. The silverback gorilla is too sensitive to danger and since they are 99% close relatives to the human being they also get hungry and fight among-st themselves.

In Uganda, the silverback gorillas live in the high altitude areas of Bwindi forest and mountain Mgahinga national park. The silverback gorillas have a long silver line/saddle of hair in their backs, long black and thick hair, shaggy skin coats that keep them warm in the cold temperature climate of the forest. The arms of a silverback are longer and muscular than the legs with broad chest, wide big feet and hands. They are known for their persistent movements to search for food the whole day and they always fight to protect their families.

Where to trek silverback in Uganda

Martha Robbins assessing the habitat use, availability, population and genetic variability in Bwindi mountain gorillas.

Uganda has two national parks in the south western Uganda where travelers can spot the silver back mountain gorillas and their family members. Silverback gorillas can be spotted in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga national park; however the silverback in Mgahinga has not been reliable for a period of time since it’s found of moving to Virunga in the democratic republic of Congo and volcanoes nation national park in Rwanda.

This is one the reasons we recommend trekking Silverback Mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park because can easily be spotted in the high altitude areas of the park and they permanently survive in the jungle environment with their family members as well as the large number of the mountain gorillas that are survive in Bwindi forest.

Best season to trek silver back gorilla in Uganda

Silverback mountain gorilla can be trekked in all season both in the dry season and the rainy season however the best time recommended time to trek the mountain gorillas would be in the dry season during the months of June to October which the long dry season, December to February the short dry season. The dry season is known as the peak season in Uganda where very many travelers are coming to trek the silverback mountain gorillas and wildlife safaris holidays.

It is important to note that Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is covered with tropical rain forests therefore it receives rainfall throughout the year and rains are unpredictable even if it’s a dry season. On that note we recommend travelers to always carry their strong water proof rain jackets to help you in case it rains while on silverback mountain gorilla trekking in the African jungle.

On the other note, the rainy season has its secret in trekking silverback mountain gorillas as travelers who travel in the rainy season which is termed as the low season where lodges always give discounted rates to group travelers who come to trek the silverback mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park since lodges have less occupancy during that season.

How to access silverback in Uganda

In Uganda trekking the silverback mountain gorillas will cost a traveler 600 USD per person and you will be allowed to be guided to spot the silverback in forest jungle and spend with it one hour observing its feeding lifestyle and behavior in its natural habitat.

During the peak season, we advise travelers to book their silverback trekking permit in advance such as 5-6 months prior to travel because permits tend to be very competitive to all travelers that are visiting Uganda to trek the silverback gorilla in Bwindi.

The permits are only purchased and sold from the Uganda wildlife authority headquarter

offices in Kampala. For travelers who would like to make direct booking with Uganda wildlife authority can contact the reservation offices at UWA, however the process tend to be long and hectic for the first time travelers that’s why we advise travelers to always make arrangements with trust worthy tour operators that have got experience in operating gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda. The tour operator will assist to make arrangements for the silverback trekking accommodation in Bwindi, transportation and also process a silverback gorilla trekking permit for Uganda.

Adventure in the wild safari together with its professional experienced guide welcomes you to Uganda and we are ready to assist you spot the silverback mountain gorilla in Bwindi forest. Book with us to enjoy a memorable silverback trekking experience to make your dream a true adventure with gentle endangered silverback in the natural environment.

From Kampala to Bwindi, it will take you only 8-9 hours’ drive to reach Bwindi impenetrable forest national park on a tarmac road transport using a 4×4 safari vehicle.

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