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Gorilla Trekking Guide : Everything you need to know about Gorilla trekking

This is a draft of series to help you make a choice of what you will experience when for A Gorilla tracking activity. This includes Facts about mountain Gorillas, Where to track Gorillas from, What to Pack, Other activities involved, Where to stay, etc.


Facts About Mountain Gorillas

  •  Mountain Gorillas do share 98% of the human’s DNA. They are one of the closest primates to being our cousins
  •  Less than 1,000 Mountain Gorillas are critically endangered. they have been pushed further up into the mountains for longer periods, forcing them to endure dangerous and sometimes deadly conditions. Other reasons include deforestation, habitat destruction, and disease;
  • Mountain Gorillas and low-land gorillas are different- they can’t survive being in captivity.
  • Mountain Gorillas are only in the mountains of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Where To Track Gorillas From

Mountain gorillas can be tracked from places like Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, but most especially the best place being in Uganda. And here the Gorilla permit in Uganda is $600(cheaper compared to Rwanda) with transportation, accommodation and food exclusive while in Rwanda it is $1500.Not only that but also the gorilla population is much /bigger in Uganda compared to other countries.

What To Pack for your gorilla trekking safari

  • A pair of Binoculars-be able to view a lot of things various plants, simple animal species
  • Cameras -to take a lot of photographs with the 1hr you spend with the gorillas.
  • Tracking poles-to enable you balance when moving on a steepy ground within the forest.
  • Energy giving snacks –since this activity seems to take long, you might get hungry and thirsty so these snacks help out.
  • Wear sturdy gardening gloves, water proof sturdy boots, a rain jacket just in case it rains, wear long sleeved blouse/shirts and trousers –this protects you from being pricked by thorns.

Other Activities That Can Be Done while on your gorilla trekking safari

There are activities like Nature walks in the Natural forest, Game drives which allows you have a wide game view of different animals in the park, Batwa Experience mainly the meeting the community of the Pygmies-old forest dwelling forest tribe, Boat cruise and Canoeing on the lakes and rivers spotting animals like crocodiles, Buffaloes, etc. Golden monkey tracking in Rwanda, Visiting of Lake kivu still in Rwanda and so on.

Where To Stay when on your gorilla trekking safari

There are many lodges /hotels to stay when for this activity, Bwindi Impenetrable National park has got 4 sections in it with all having accommodation to your disposal. Buhoma being the starting place for gorilla tracking one could stay in lodges like Buhoma lodge, Buhoma Community rest camp, Mahogany springs, Engagi lodge, Nkuringo Bwindi gorilla lodge, Chameleon hill, lodges in Ruhiji like Trekkers Tavern, Rushaga Gorilla Haven, Gorilla mist camp, etc.

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