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why hire a local guide for your safari

local guides are global community of explorers who write reviews, share photos, answer questions, add places and also check facts on google maps. The tour guides lead tourist through their safari destinations and fill them with knowledge about different aspects like cultural, natural, religious and others according to their choices. Uganda has got a number of private tour companies with well-equipped and experienced local tour guides who can handle every aspect of tourism leaving you satisfied and ready for another trip.

Many tourists have different questions during their safari preparations like where can I go for a trip? Why should I go for the trip? And the most important one and last one is why should I book a local guide? Here are some of the answers as to why you should book a local guide;

Enhance your trip

Local guides always have much knowledges about the safari destinations. So, having them by your side during the safari will definitely enhance your experience during travelling since he or she will explain to you about the history, traditions and beliefs about the chosen destination.

More still, the local tour guide will enhance your trip because he knows the best times and hours to visit the destinations and will help you avoid the rush hours. Thus, enjoying the trip to the fullest.

Uncover the new places.

When you move with a local tour guide, he will help you spot major new places that are out of the known tourist destinations. There is great excitement when you find out unique places especially when not found on the popular and known tourist routes. Such enjoyment and excitement will only experienced when you decide to book a local guide.

Time saving.

When you book a tour guide, you also end up saving much of your time for other important things. This is because will not have to spend your time planning for an itinerary since the guide will have to do this for you. This will not only save your time but also allow you to visit many places.

Cost efficient.

Local guide bookings help you to be budgeting. Its because he will always lead your ways to every destination making it making it easy for you to find routes which would have given you hard times when you are alone and also risks of getting lost which may increase on your budget thus facing losses.

Also, when a local guide structures a good itinerary, it will be cost effective and tell you the quickest routes to use helping you in money saving.


The local guides have much knowledge about how the local systems in their countries operates. With this, you don’t need to have any fear or worry about travelling to unsafe places or even getting lost when with the local guide.

Discover unique stories about the destinations.

Local guides insights you with the history, traditional and the current factual information about the destination more than the memorized facts from the internet. With the guide, you can probably the deeper facts of the visited sites since they will be able to tell you the history and contexts of the sites.

Innovation and new experiences.

Are you innovative and carrying out new experiences is one of your hobbies, hiring a local guide when having a trip is the only way to go. This is because the local guide will give you different suggestions of where the best places to get the experiences are for example when you want to taste a different kind of meal. The local tour guide will lead your way to the best places. He will also help you in communication purposes in case you reach a place with people with no English language.



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