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Gorilla trekking in Uganda gefährlich /is it dangerous


Gorilla trekking experience in Uganda is a fascinating activity as travellers search for these gentle giant creatures in the African jungle. Many travelers before they make the decision they have a number of questions concerning gorilla trekking in the African countries which have the mountain gorillas before they conclude which country to visit. Such questions include, is gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo safe?, which country is best for gorilla trekking? among other questions.

We as adventure in the wild safari we agreed to all travelers that have got such questions due to the fact that it’s their right to have basic knowledge about the mountain gorilla trekking of the three countries which they might opt to enjoy their gorilla trekking adventure.

Is it dangerous / gefährlich to trek mountain gorilla in Uganda?

Trekking mountain gorillas in Uganda is not dangerous and it is highly recommended by many travelers who have experienced trekking in Uganda for many reasons such as;

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is safe and affordable, this is one of the strength it has over the Rwanda and Congo which is a strong factor that motivates a number of travelers to visit the country. Affordability is piloted by the safety and security of the traveler from the time they live their homes until they shall go back home since it does not makes for the trekking to affordable but it is a risk activity to engage travelers.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is one of those activities in the tourism industry that generates a lot of revenue to the government of Uganda, therefore the Uganda wildlife authority that governs the tourism industry in Uganda has implemented safety measures, rules and regulations to ensure the security of all travelers that come to enjoy gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda starts with briefing at 7:00 am at the headquarters of the parks before beginning the trekking to ensure the safety and security of travelers, travelers are taught about the safety dos and don’ts while in the jungle, for every group of 8 people is escorted by two armed ranger guides where one heads the group in front, and the second armed ranger guide will follow from behind and  trekking is based on the last person pace of walking to ensure that the travelers are safe from the wild animals that might tracked them while on their trek, the armed ranger guide will try to scare the dangerous wild animals that might bring harm to travelers by firing gun shots in the air but they don’t kill these animal just for the future of tourism.

In addition to the security measures, military policy forces have come to join hands to ensure the  safety of travelers such as the Uganda tourism policies that keeps moving all day and night in the park searching for poachers and rebels that might tracked travelers while on the mountain gorilla trekking. These work together with the armed ranger guides in the park and accommodation security employees of the different lodges.

On the other hand, in Uganda gorilla trekking safety measures is everyone’s concern as all people submit to the security rules and regulations that have were implemented by the Uganda wildlife authority. As if not enough, the tourism policy and military policy have been deployed at the borders of Rwanda, the democratic republic of Congo and the communities that surround Bwindi forest and mountain Mgahinga national park.

Honestly speaking, Uganda for many years has not registered issues of insecurity for the past and current years, and the community people have been sensitized about the values of gorilla tourism to an extend that they are aware about benefits that they indirectly and directly get from gorillas therefore are willing to report any bad actions in and outside the park to the Uganda wildlife authority.

In conclusion, Uganda is the safest place for gorilla trekking and its not gefährlich since gorilla trekking tourism contributes a lot of revenue to country, the government of Uganda together with its team has put in place the security forces as mention earlier such as the UPDF military policy, armed ranger guides in the park, the Uganda tourism policy all have been deployed for the concern of the traveler’s security. Adventure in wild safaris would like to inform all travellers not to get worried if they meet a number of armed men in their respective uniforms in and outside the park, due to the fact that they are there for the safety and security of all travelers that come to enjoy their gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda.













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