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Congo visa

Congo Visa is one of those legal documents that are issued to foreign non residences as well as East African residences allowing a person to do any business entity, allowing a person to stay in or pass through Congo. For the person to acquire a Congo visa, he/she must have a very strong reason and evidence of why they want to go to Congo. Before the visa is issued out to a person the authorities have to confirm your accommodation stay, how you are going to survive in the country among other details that will be need at the border control authorities.

How to acquire a Congo visa?

A Congo visa can be acquired from the Congo embassy in your country of residence since it may be very difficult to get a Congo visa from the border entry offices. We usually advise travelers to apply for a Congo visa at least two weeks before travel due the fact that processing period is between 5 to 7 days from the time of application.

When applying for a Congo visa, you will be required to present two passport sized colored photos with a black and white back ground. We advise travelers to take current passport photos so that they reflect the traveler’s current appearance and it does not bring doubts assuming you’re not the person in photo if you present an old photo.

All travelers who would like to have a Congo visa must have a valid passport at least 6 months prior to the application of the visa which is a travel document that permits you to travel to other countries.

It is a must that the traveler must have a yellow fever vaccination certificate so as to acquire a Congo visa. The yellow fever has to be done regardless of whether a traveler has yellow fever or not but so longer as the person needs a Congo visa.

For all travelers visiting friends and their families, it is a requirement that they must present an invitation letter as evidence so as to be given a Congo visa and for travelers who planning to enjoy gorilla trekking experience in Virunga as well as in Kahuzi Biega national park, there is need for them to present a clear confirmation document showing hotel reservation and booking.

For travelers visiting Congo for business they are required to present a business letter or document which allows them to do business in Congo.

Types of Visas

There are various types of visas however it is advisable for travelers to apply for the right visa depending on the traveler’s purpose of visit.

Tourist visa, this can be issued by the Congolese embassy and it lasts for 3 months giving you access to different destinations in Congo. This is issued depending on the purpose of travel and it permits travelers to multiple entries in Congo. For all foreign non-residents who are citizens of America a tourist visa to Congo is valid for about 6 months which is 180 days and permits American travelers to multiple entries of Congo destinations.

Business visa, this is issued to business travelers who would like to make business transactions in Congo, putting business investment in Congo, while initiating professional business contacts with already established business venture among others reasons. The business visa in Congo lasts for about 30 days and gives business travelers access to different multiple entries. For the American business travelers they are allowed 180 days and they are permitted to multiple entries to different destinations of the country.

Diplomatic visa, this is issued to travelers who have got diplomatic passports as well as the untied nation laisser-passer, bearers, the employees of world bank, the employees of Canada among other employees of international organization.

What is the cost Congo VISAs?

The visa fee to Congo costs ranges from 100 USD and 200 USD although there are some free visa to Congo that are issued to some travelers such as the diplomatic visa to Congo is on of the free visas.

A visa to Congo can easily be acquired when a traveler has evidences of the reasons why he / she is visiting Congo for example if a traveler claims wants a tourist visa it is advisable for travelers to purchase a at least a gorilla trekking permit, make a hotel reservation or make booking of any activity to participate in when they visit Congo. This helps to acquire some paperwork that will help travelers to process a Congo visa.

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