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Uganda   African Safari

Uganda is still an authentic African safari destination where a lot has not yet been discovered and the few that is touched and felt is so fresh, pure, amazing and adorable day by day. The country is a home to the most fascinating remaining mountain gorillas surviving in their natural habitat. Gorilla trekking experience is one of the great adventurous activities that a lot of travelers who come to Africa would like to visit and enjoy. Besides the gorilla trekking experience, there is a lot to enjoy on a Uganda African safari.

Where to go on a Uganda African safari?

Uganda African safaris are done in different parts of the country ranging from authentic cultural tours to wildlife safaris, from religious to historical, from mountains to water bodies blessed with scenic views savannah and tropical rain forest which Uganda African safaris a remarkable experience.

It is important to known that where to go on a Uganda Uganda African safari will depend on the what the traveler is interested in seeing, experiencing, feeling or touching before he/she leaves home. Uganda is a home to 10 national parks that have unique wildlife animals and feature that may not found elsewhere.

While on Uganda African safari, don’t miss out on enjoying the gorilla trekking experience in Bwindi forest national that is a home almost half of the remaining mountain gorilla population, the activity is one of the great wonders of the world and it is one of a lifetime adventure experience to many travelers who visit Africa.

While on Uganda African safari, Queen Elizabeth national park presents to you the fascinating tree climbing lions that you ought not to miss trekking this king of the jungle that you might not find in another park. However Queen Elizabeth national park has a lot to offer to travelers who would like to enjoy the Uganda African safari such as chimpanzee trekking experience in the kyambura gorge, the Crater Lake scenic beauties, the kazinga channel as well as views of the Mweya peninsula. This can be experienced while on a hot air balloon safari or on a game drive.

Uganda African safari also offers the chimpanzee trekking experience in kibale forest national park which is the famous destination for the chimpanzee trekking experience although it can as well be done in budongo forest, kalinzu and kyambura gorge in queen Elizabeth national park.

The Uganda African safari can as well be customized with the cultural experience such as gorilla trekking experience together with the visit to the batwa community. This will give a traveler an insight to interact with local people and experience their cultural dances and behavior of life. The batwa are known as the short people in the world, these were fruit gathers, hunters in Bwindi forest before the government decided to settle them at the edge of the forest.

Don’t miss out on the Uganda wildlife safari in Murchison falls national which known for the great waterfall and the only place to find the Rothschild giraffes and other wildlife animals like, elephants, herds of zebras, buffaloes, lions, leopards and other wildlife animals. The place is as well a home to beautiful scenic savannah and tropical rainforest of budongo and it is the largest national park.

The Uganda African safari will as well take you to kidepo valley national park a place for the unseen large herds of wildlife surviving in the open Savannah grassland, such as the large herds of buffaloes, lions, zebras, leopards, elephants, impala antelopes among others.

Other safari destinations include, Lake Mburo national park a places of zebras, impalas and other unique wildlife animals, semiliki national park the only place you find the hot springs in Uganda, Mount Elgon national park that will give an insight to enjoy the scenic views of the Sipi falls, Mount Rwenzori national park known as the snow capped mountains of the Moon.

Which company to use on a Uganda African Safari?

Adventure in the wild safari welcomes you the pearl of Africa to enjoy a true Uganda African safari holiday. With no doubts we are one of the best leading Uganda safari operators based on the experience and reviews from our past travelers who used us before. We are registered with Uganda tour operator association as well as fully registered with the Uganda tourism boarded and we are fully licensed to operate Uganda safari.

For more information about us please visit our website and also check on the website of the above tourism association for membership belonging.

Travelers note that there are very many con men operating Uganda safari with the target of just chewing the traveler’s money but while gambling and compromising of the service to be offered on a Uganda African safari.

We advise travelers to make enough research before trusting an tour operator, this can be through visiting the previous reviews from other travelers who used them, if the reviews of a tour operator are so new and other negative, this is an indicate that the company is lacks enough experience to operate Uganda safaris, if the reviews are many and positive about the company then the tour operator could be the right company to use and it has experience in what it does then you can proceed booking with them.

However sometime the reviews may not be satisfying to traveler, therefore he/she can chew do price shopping about a Uganda African safari from different travelers, some under price the safari, others exaggerate while as others are genuine tour operators. This is another technique that helped many travelers before they come up with the perfect decision of which tour operator to use.

For a great and remarkable true Uganda African safari experience you need the right tour operator who will be in position to offer the best service and also to customize your safari depending on your interests without feeling cheated. And here we are adventure in wild safaris we are at your service for the great memories of the Uganda African safari adventure.

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