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Lion research tracking

Lion research tracking is an adventure exciting activity that is only done in Queen Elizabeth national park that is situated in western region of Uganda in the districts of kasese, kamwenge Rukungiri and Rubirzi. Queen Elizabeth national park is the second largest national park after Murchison fall national park which is the largest national park in Uganda that receives a lot of visitors due to the might Murchison fall.

Queen Elizabeth national park is rich a wide range of biodiversity and wildlife animals include the some of the big five animals such as the lions, the elephants, the buffaloes, huge numbers of elephants, the huge populations of the hippos, the sitatunga giraffes, the water bucks, bushbucks, the crocodiles, leopards, mongoose, the Oribis, the zebras, the Uganda kobs, the antelopes warthogs among others.

Queen Elizabeth national park is famous for the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector which has attracted the lion research activity and it is one of the main reasons why travelers visit Queen Elizabeth national park. Lion research tracking is extremely interesting activities where travelers track the tree climbing lions in their natural environment enjoying their life patterns and behaviors. During the lion research tracking travelers get an insight to learn more about the feeding life style of the lions, their social behavior and habits of the young cubs as play, learn to hunt on their own among others.

The lion research tracking activity is operated by the Uganda carnivore project that works together with the Uganda Wildlife authority to monitors the reaming populations, behavior and movement of the lions in all national parks. The body is in charge of other carnivores such as the nocturnal leopards, cheetahs, hyenas among others. A maximum of four travelers who paid with lion research tracking activity join the Uganda carnivores project researchers to participate in the awesome lion tracking experience.

Lion research tracking experience gives travelers an insight to come closer to the gentle beautiful lions in the jungle thus travelers will get an advantage of taking clear photos and videos of the king of the jungle for about one to three hours while taking off tracks.

Where is lion tracking research done in Uganda?

Lion tracking in Uganda is conducted in only queen Elizabeth national park in the Kasenyi plains section of the park that has high concentration of wildlife animals thus the activity gives you an insight to enjoy game viewing of other wildlife animals such as the elephants, the buffaloes, the zebras the Uganda kobs, hyenas, the bushbucks, the water-bucks, the warthogs among others as well as huge populations of the lions.

  What is the cost of lion research tracking experience?

For non-foreign residences, the lion research tracking experience costs 60 USD per person per day and the east Africa residents pay UGX 100,000 per person pay day. The cost of the lion research trucking is exclusive of the park entry fees and 10% of the money paid is shared with Uganda Carnivores Project to insure smooth running of the research and the continuous conservation and protection of the lions.

The lion trekking permit can be acquired by contacting the park headquarters directly via email or telephone so that you book the date you would like to enjoy the lion research tracking experience in jungle. Alternatively, travelers can book with a genuine tour operator such as adventure in the wild safaris one of the leading experts in organizing Uganda safaris. We will as well assist you to make your accommodation arrangements, transportation, and meals among other offers when you book with us.

When is the best time to enjoy lion tracking?

Lion research tracking is an activity in Queen Elizabeth national park that is open to travelers throughout the year regardless of when the traveler would like to engage in the activity. However due to high demand by many travelers yet few numbers are allowed to participate in the activity, we advise travelers to make advance booking so as they do not miss out on the permits.

Lion tracking in however can be best done during the dry season when the road tracks are passable thus they are not wet and slippery therefore it becomes easy to drive of track without any difficulties. This is during the months of December to February, June to October and it is the peak season in Uganda due to fact that there are a lot of travelers that are coming to Uganda.

Lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth national park is done in two sessions, the morning hours at 8:00am and the evening hours at 2:00 pm. Each session takes two to three hours as you get close and nearer to lions, as you enjoy the feeding lifestyle, hunting process of the prey especially the Uganda kobs which is the lions favorite prey as well as giving you an opportunity to enjoy viewing other wildlife in the park which will sum up an incredible experience of the jungle.

In conclusion lion tracking in queen Elizabeth national park can be customized together with other activities such as wildlife game viewing, boat cruise ride on kazinga channel, the chimpanzee trekking experience, the mongoose tracking, bird watching experience, gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park among other. Feel free to contact Adventure in wild safaris with any of  your inquiries about lion research tracking experience.

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