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Nyero rock paintings

Nyero Rock Paintings, an historic gem in Eastern Uganda

Although gorilla trekking is the leading activity in Uganda, the pearl of African is blessed with a wide range of activities and attractions that are located in different locations of the country and Nyero rock painting is one of the tourism attractions that bring in a lot of visitors that enjoy exploring the place.

Nyero rock painting is located in Ngora district which was previously known as Kumi district that is dominated by the Iteso people. Nyero rocking painting is among the oldest and historical sites that is extremely interesting to visit so as you enjoy the untold historical stories of the site that has 3 rocks shelter panels that is found on the granite outlook of Moru Ikara, the rock painting features include, the stone age people, animals like zebras as well as concentrated circles and these are found on the surfaces of the three rock shelters.

The three categories of Nyero rock painting shelter are;

There is Nyero one , Nyero 2 and Nyero 3, all these have different painting on their surface but they vary from one another and each gives different experience  as you enjoy looking at them. Nyero one is known for the less and few painting which can be clearly seen when one comes close to the rock in surface, Nyero two is the famous and best enjoyed rock that you can’t stop looking at. They have clear paints of animals, boats, people and it’s within a group of red circles that cover the rock. Nyero rock 3 is quit boring due to the fact that the paintings are not so clear and they are not easy to be seen unless you come to close to rock surface.  The painting are bets clearly viewed at night.

The historical myth and facts behind Nyero rock painting is believed that the painting were drawn in the stone age time demonstrating the life relationship between the stone age life and the current life that still exists up today. There is a lot of rock paintings that are found in the eastern region of Uganda but Nyero rock painting is worth a visit because is the best compared to rest, such as Mukongoro found in Kumi district.

Nyero rock painting is believed to have coexisted before the recurrent settlement of the Iteso people, and the indigenous people are known as the batwa people who are believed to have drawn the paintings in the Stone Age regime.

The Nyero rock painting are worthy a  visited due to the fact that they give incredible and extremely interesting experience as traveler visit them while on their safari in Uganda. At Nyero rock painting has a guide who will give a tour around the rock paints and during the process the guide will take you through untold story behind Nyero rock painting which is an extremely interesting story to enjoy listening at as you enjoy touring the beauty of these rock paints which are enclosed with in the cave.

When is the best time to visit Nyero rock painting site?

The best time to visit Nyero rock painting is during the dry season in the months of December to February, June to October when there is little rain expected during that period and the rocks are easy to climb compared to the rainy season when it becomes difficult to climb especially during the months of march, April, May and November when there is a lot of rainfall.

The site can be accessed on road transport using a 4×4 wheel vehicle, it will travelers about 6-7 hours’ drive to reach Nyero rock painting covering a distance of 250 Km along Jinja road, via Iganga-Mbale then connect to Kumi district.

Nyero rock painting safari can be customized together with other safaris such as Jinja adventure safaris, the visit to mount. Elgon, sipi fall safari as well as kidepo national safari where can act as an enroute stopover point despite the distance covered from the different location. Thus giving you an opportunity to explore ‘The Pearl of Africa’ hidden secret beauty that is distributed in the different parts of her motherland.

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