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Price of gorilla trekking in Uganda

Uganda is one of the African countries that home to remaining endangered mountain gorillas in the world; the rest of other countries are Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. World ward Uganda has been ranked as the leading gorilla trekking safari destination due to the fact that it is home to almost half of the remaining mountain gorilla population in world.

Uganda has got two national parks that are habitat to the endangered mountain gorilla species surviving on the natural environment in the high altitude areas of the tropical rain forests of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga forest national park which are situated in the south western part of Uganda in kanungu and kisoro district.

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is the best and famous destination for the gorilla trekking experience in Africa since it is a home to highest percentage of the mountain gorilla population compared to Mgahinga forest national, Virunga national park in Congo and  volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

There about 880 remaining endangered mountain gorilla populations in the world and Bwindi forest national park is a home to 400 mountain gorillas, while as Mgahinga forest national park is a home to about 80 mountain gorilla populations. The rest of the remaining population is shared by volcanoes national park in Rwanda and the democratic republic of Congo.

Uganda has about 18 gorilla families but Bwindi forest is a home to 17 gorilla families and Mgahinga gorilla national park has only one gorilla family called Nyakasige that has permanently settled in the park but before it used to constant movements to the Rwanda and Congo.

What is the price cost of gorilla trekking in Uganda?

Uganda is not only a home to the massive numbers of the mountain gorilla population but it is one of those countries with the safe and most affordable mountain gorilla safaris. This is because gorilla trekking experience is one of the key activity that brings in a lot of revenue to the country and on this note, a lot of conservation efforts together with the safety and security of the gorilla tourism has been exercised in the country by the Uganda wildlife authority which is a governmental body that is responsible for the protected and conservation areas of the country.

Safety measures such as deploying the Uganda tourism police within and outside in the communities and borders of the national park has been done as well as directly educating the nearby communities about the importance of gorilla tourism and national park in their community.

The price of gorilla trekking is affordable due to the fact that the gorilla permit costs 600 USD per person per day compared to gorilla trekking permit of Rwanda which costs 1500 USD per person per day. However the most cheap and affordable gorilla trekking permit is that of Congo which costs 450 USD per day.

It is important for travelers to note that there is no discounted gorilla trekking permit in Uganda whether in the peak season or in the low season the price cost has been constant except in 2020-2021 where the price cost of the gorilla trekking permit is going to change from 600 USD per person to 700 USD per person per day due to the demand to improve on the packaging and consumption environment of the gorilla trekking experience. The Uganda wildlife authority claims that that increase of the 100 USD is going to benefit all travelers, the surrounding communities as well as the Ugandan community at large. In this way travelers will be in position to purchase the gorilla trekking permits online and reduce on the burden of walking to the Uganda wildlife authority office in Kampala and being cheated by majority of the tour operators in the name of assisting them to book the permits.

The gorilla trekking permit is issued basing on the age limit rules that govern gorilla tourism in Uganda. The gorilla trekking permit is not issued out to a person below 15 years of age as he is considered as child therefore before the permit issued out to traveler, the Uganda wildlife authority  will request for the original passport details of the travelers that will help them confirm if  the traveler is fit for the gorilla trekking experience.

Others activities that can supplement gorilla trekking in Uganda

Besides gorilla trekking in Uganda, there are other fascinating activities that travelers can engage in to accompany their gorilla trekking experiences such as the batwa cultural experience where you will get an opportunity to enjoy to interact with the pygmies the shortest people in the world, the batwa people used to live in Bwindi forest and Mgahinga forest and they were fruit gatherers and hunter not until the government decided to settle them at the edge of the forest to protect the national parks and also to ensure that the batwa can live life like any other human being.

The batwa are blessed with the wonderful cultural dances, and traditional African lifestyle that travelers should not miss out to supplement on their gorilla trekking experience in Bwindi forest.

Bwindi is home to other primate animals besides the mountain gorillas such as the red tailed monkeys, baboons, blue monkeys, chimpanzees, and L’Hoest’s monkey among other primate animals.

 Gorilla trekking experience can as well be supplemented by nature walk in Bwindi forest that will give you an insight to enjoy bird watching and the calling sounds of various bird species such as crested guinea fowl, fellow-rumped tinker bird, and Jameson’s antpeckers.

In conclusion, Bwindi is divided into four gorilla trekking sectors that are home to the 17 mountain gorillas families that are found in the different regions of the park such as Buhoma sector in the north, Rushaga sector in the south, Ruhija sector in the eastern part and Nkuringo in the western part of the Bwindi forest. The best and famous sector to trek the mountain gorillas is Bwindi forest national park is Buhoma sector with four gorilla families, and the gorilla trekking permit for Buhoma sector are on a very high demand thus they get sold out very fast. We therefore advise travelers to make advance booking at least 5-6 months booking before travel. However the Uganda wildlife authority issues out gorilla trekking  permit for all sectors in Bwindi forest.

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