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Top Attraction in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The top attractions in Queen Elizabeth national park are the major reasons why the park receives a number of visitors and why it is highly considered by a number of travelers who would like to enjoy the Uganda safaris in the jungle. The park was gazetted and declared a national park in in 1952 and it was named kazinga channel national park before the queen Elizabeth of England visited the park and the name was changed to queen Elizabeth national a park so to recognize and commemorate the visit of the Queen of England to the park.  It is known as the second largest national park that is situated in the districts of kasese, Rubirzi, kawenge and Rukungiri district.

The park is situated in the rift valley army of kazinga channel that divides Lake Edward and Lake George covering a total land area of 1954 square kilometers. The park is a home to savannah grassland, woodland and tropical rainforest that favors the survival wildlife biodiversity in the natural environment.

 Some of the wildlife species that are found in the park include the African big fives such as the leopards, the famous tree climbing lions in, the beautiful elephants, the African cape buffaloes, primate apes, a wide variety of bird species, zebras, antelopes, Oribis among others.

Attractions that found in Queen Elizabeth national park

Queen Elizabeth national park is a paradise to awide variety of extremely interesting attractions that can be enjoyed on a Uganda safari and they include:Game viewing, the park is habitat to over 95 mammals including the  big four such as the famous tree climbing lions that are found in Ishasha sector of queen Elizabeth, the African cape buffaloes, the large population of elephants, the cunning leopards, and others wildlife animals such as the herds of zebras, antelopes, waterbucks, bushbucks, Oribis , the hippos, the topis, the massive population of the Uganda kobs, mongoose, the giant forest hogs, the crocodiles among others.

Wildlife viewing in Queen Elizabeth national park can be explored while on a game drive safari in the Ishasha sector, in kyambura gorge, in Mweya peninsular and in Kasenyi landscape plains on a hot air balloon safari as well as on a boat cruise drive on kazinga channel.

Big cat tracking, the big cats in queen Elizabeth national park include the famous tree climbing lions that can be tracked in the Ishasha sector in the southern part of the park,  other cats include the leopards, the serval cat, civet, genal among others.

Primate trekking, Queen Elizabeth national park is home to the kyambura gorge as well Maramagambo forest that are tropical forest harboring a wide over 12 primate animals in the jungle, such as the famous chimpanzees populations, the red tailed monkeys, the white and black colobus monkeys, the grey cheeked mangabey, the blue monkeys, the L’Hoest’s monkey, the bush babies, the olive baboons among others. The primates are found in the valley of the apes as well as maramagambo forest.

Bird watching, Queen Elizabeth is also known as a birders paradise that is a home to over 620 bird species making it one of the top birding destination with a variety of bird species that include the african skimmer, grey-headed king fisher, open billed stork, black cracker, swamp fly-catcher, papyrus canary, grey king fisher, purple headed starling among bird species, bird watching can be done in the different sectors of the park either in the morning or in the evening such as in kyambura gorge, in maramagambo  forest, in the Ishasha sector, in Kasenyi plain and in Mweya peninsular.

When is the best visit queen Elizabeth national park?

The park can be visited any time of the year since Uganda safaris are operated throughout the year. However the recommended time to visit the queen Elizabeth national park is during the dry season that gives travelers an opportunity to view large crowds of wildlife that have gathered to drink water at the water collection points in queen Elizabeth national park and during the rainy season, the roads leading to park are passable they are not wet and slippery thus making game drive easy to view the wildlife attractions in queen Elizabeth national park. During the dry season little rain is expected thus even trekking the chimpanzees and other primate animals as cats becomes easy without being interrupted by the rain.

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