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Boat cruise in Murchison fall national park

A Boat cruise in Murchison Falls National Park is one of the most interesting activities in Murchison Falls Game Park. The boat cruise takes you to the bottom of the Murchison falls along the Victoria Nile. While on this Launch cruise, you will be able to see lots of wildlife, and the close up look of the worlds most powerful falls. 

Murchison falls national park is the largest national park and most visited compared to all other national parks in Uganda. It is among the top destinations that is highly considered on Uganda wildlife safaris that has got awide range of range of unique tourist attractions that give travels exception experiences on a Uganda safaris. The park is famous for the great beautiful Murchison waterfall and is it is rich in wide range of wildlife activities that it offers to all travelers that visit the park. Boat cruise in Murchison falls national park is among those exceptional activities that are enjoyed by a number of travelers that visit Murchison fall national park.

Some of the wildlife activities that are expected to be seen on Uganda safaris include the primates in budongo forest such as the chimpanzees, the white and black monkeys, grey checked monkeys among others, wildlife in the savannah grassland include elephants, buffaloes, the Rothschild giraffes, zebras, impalas antelopes, lions, leopards among others.

Boat cruise in Murchison falls national can either be done with the Nile boat cruise or the delta boat cruise. These vary in their schedules and time spent for the ride but they give almost the same experience of Murchison falls national park.

Nile boat cruise

Boat cruise in Murchison falls national park is starts from Paraa jet and a Nile boat cruise ride will take you to the bottom of the falls which is the starting point for hiking to the top of the falls, then later after two to three hours you will be taken back to the Paraa. The Nile boat has two sessions, the morning session that starts between 9:00 am and the evening session that starts at 2:00 pm. While on the Nile boat cruise ride you will have an opportunity to enjoy viewing a wide range of wildlife animals such the elephants drinking water at the river banks, the Nile crocodiles, the hippos, zebras, waterbucks among others. Traveler will also get an opportunities to enjoy viewing wildlife birds are the river bank such as the red throated bee-eater, hornbills, malachite king fisher among others.

Nile delta boat cruise, this takes long hours compared to the Nile boat about  4-5 hours ride on Victoria Nile starting from Paraa jet and it has different schedules that it operates in a day. The Nile delta boat is the best to enjoy especially those that are bird lovers. During the Nile delta boat cruise ride, you will get an opportunity to enjoy viewing different types of bird species along the river bank as well as the Murchison fall gorge such as the African fish Eagle, African jacana, saddle bellied, yellow footed king fisher, papyrus gonolek, open billed stork, goliath heron

Boat cruise safari will give you an opportunity to explore a lot the wildlife wonders and animals in the park, such as the Nile crocodile, huge population of hippos, the elephants, Uganda kobs, the African buffaloes, zebras, waterbucks among others. The Nile delta boat cruise gives you an opportunity to enjoy views of the mountain ranges that are located in Congo; you will enjoy viewing fishermen catching fish as well as the great views and beautiful scenic of the Murchison waterfall.

Besides the Nile boat cruise and delta boat cruise there are other private boats that operate on the Victoria Nile that will be find in Paraa jet, these can be hired any time a traveler would like to enjoy a boat cruise adventure.

How much is the cost of boat cruise Murchison fall national park?

The Uganda wildlife authority has set up standard fixed fees for the boat cruise rides in almost all the national park including Murchison fall national park. The Nile boat cruise cost 30 USD per person and the delta boat cruise costs 40 USD per person.

Best to go for boat cruise in Murchison fall national park.

Boat cruise activity open throughout the year in Murchison fall national park although the recommended time to enjoy the boat cruise adventure is during the dry season where there is less rain expected to inconvenience your bait ride on the victoria Nile. This is during the months of December to February, June to October, during these months due to hot season, a lot of wildlife animals gather at the Nile banks to wash off their thirsty.

Contact adventure in wild safari for the perfect experience of the boat cruise adventure at in Murchison fall national park which can be customized together with other activities such as game drive safaris chimpanzee trekking in budongo forest among others. Just contact us for more information and inquiries.

Boat cruise in Murchison Falls National Park

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