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Uganda adventure safaris Kampala


Kampala is the capital city of Uganda as well as the national and commercial capital which borders Lake Victoria which is the largest lake in Africa. The city is covered by hills that’s by it is known as land of the seven Rolling Hills in central region of Uganda and hill has its own fascinating unique story. The name Kampala originated from a historical hill of Impalas long time ago, but due to settlement and encroachment on the hills the Impalas (Antelopes) migrated to Mburo national park and when they left the place was named ‘Kampala’ meaning the place of Impalas.

Kampala has a lot of several attractions to offer to all travelers that visit the city; these will make you engaged throughout your stay in the city. Although these attractions are adventurous in their own way, there are some other adventure safaris that a traveler can extremely enjoy while basing in Kampala and these are adventure excursion safaris near the near the city.

Adventure safari activities to do in Kampala Uganda

There is a memorable sightseeing adventure if a traveler takes a night view of Kampala skyline, prior to the rich cultures and the indigenous people plus the historical building; Kampala has an endless list of things to do as well as seeing which are with in and outside the city.

Some of the top adventure activities in Kampala include the following.

The own market

This is located in the center of the city and it is the busiest market in Kampala crowded with a number people and among them there thieves. The is also known as St. Balikudembe market named after the killing a Uganda martyr in that place, book with a genuine tour operator to get you a local guide who will take around.

Nakasero market

This is  a local market located in the center of Kampala  it known for food such as fresh fruits and vegetables of all sorts and they are locally grown, when you visit the place you will believe Uganda is rich in a lot of food staffs.

Kampala boda boda ride

This is another awesome experience and the fastest mains of transport in the congested areas of Kampala using a motorcycle. This experience is so rewarding at the same time affordable and adventurous.

The Uganda national cultural center

This is also known as the national theatre, the place has a lot of restaurants bars, great live band music, Uganda films by Ugandan actors, culture dance and drama entertainments. During the night hours, there is a lot of drumming and comedy nights that is full of interesting jokes that will help you off-laod all your worries and stress that you went through in the day. This will give you an insight to smile and keep on interacting with a number of people.

The Uganda museum,

This is the oldest museum in east Africa that displays the Uganda’s culture heritage, natural –historical exhibitions, musical instruments, historical weapons, long age hunting equipment.

Asante’s art gallery

This known for showcasing art pieces, paintings, prints, art crafts among others. The focal point of this place is promote and exhibit the art materials from other people.

Kabaka’s place at bulange

This the home for the king of Buganda located in bulange hill, the kabaka’s palace guided walk will take around the lukiiko hall , Zakariya Kisingiri’s house located along the royal mile, kabaka’s round about on Rubaga road, former Idi Amin’s torture chamber cave inside the palace.

Kisubi tombs

This is one of the world heritage site where the  where the kabaka of Buganda is buried in case he dies and so far there are three kings of Buganda that have been buried in that place,

The Uganda national mosque

This is located in Old Kampala hill and it was an offer from colonial Muammar Gaddafi of Libya who offered it to Uganda as mosque with a target to increase the Muslim population in Uganda. Travellers have to ensure that they are descent enough to visit the mosque.

The Namugogo Martyrs’ shine

This was constructed in the commemoration of the Uganda martyrs killed by the king of Buganda, kabaka Mwanga for their refusal to denounce Christianity therefore for every 3rd June the Uganda martyrs are celebrated by many Christians for their strong faith that they could allow to leave Christianity.

Art galleries

For travelers who interested in African crafts, there is a plenty of art galleries where you can find a lot of art pieces and enjoyments such as Makerere art gallery, Buganda road art village among others.

The Baha’i temple

This is the only Bahia temple in Africa located on a hill and it is welcomes anyone who would like to enjoy the place or participate in prayers. Besides the prayers the place is an ample environment for relaxing in its gardens.

The independence monument

When get Uganda was given independence in 1962, the Uganda government had to construct an independence monument just to remember and celebrate the day of independence. The place is located near Sheraton, travelers are allowed to take photos in case they visit the place.

However as earlier said, the list is long and endless for the adventure activities in Kampala that travelers can engage in but there are other adventure that can act as excursions basing in Kampala that will offer your Uganda adventure safari a unforgettable experience in Uganda.

Excursion adventure Kampala Uganda safaris

While on your visit to Kampala, travelers can enjoy adventure white water rafting and bungee jumping in Jinja the Uganda’s adventure capital. The activities can last for one day.

At the same time travelers can opt to have a visit to the Uganda equator and also enjoy a game drive or boat cruise in Lake Mburo national park which is also a one day activity

Book with Adventure in the Wild Safari for your Uganda adventure safaris Kampala, please contact us for more information. We offer excursions from Kampala such as one day Jinja source of the Nile, one day lake mburo national park, one day rhino trekking from kamala among others.

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