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Uganda safari clothing

Uganda safari clothing will depend on which activities a traveler will do while his or her safari and which destination places to visit while on the trip. When travelers visit Uganda they should expect to enjoy the tropical weathers and climate at the same time the equatorial climate weather since Uganda is crossed by the equator. The annual temperatures in Uganda ranges between 16 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius, these vary from cool to cold nights, warm to hot days depending on the climate seasons of the year.

The country has an average altitude of 1100 meters and 3609 feet above sea level how there are tourism destinations like Bwindi impenetrable forest national park that have very high altitudes favoring the survival of the endangered mountain gorillas in the African jungle.

Climate and weather seasons which determine Uganda safari wear

Uganda receives two general climate seasons throughout the year, such as the rainy season and the dry season. This will also influence the type of clothing that travelers should carry depending on the season they have travelled.

There are two both dry and rainy seasons received annually, during the long dry season which is during the months of June to mid-October and the short dry season during the months of December to February. Usually the dry the season is referred to as the peak of high season when Uganda is receiving a number of visitors coming to enjoy the Uganda safaris.

During this season the climate weathers tend to be very hot with moderate rains or even without rains. Thus travelers should take note of this and know which clothing to carry while in this period if they are planning to travel during the peak season.

Just as the dry season, the rainy season in Uganda has occurs in two phases, there is a time for the expected long rains and the short rains in the year. The long rains are usually expected in the months of March, April, May and short rains in the month of late October to November. The rainy season is what we refer to as the low season or off season when very travelers are coming to the Africa to enjoy the Uganda safaris.

Unlike the other countries, the rain season in Uganda extremely interesting, it only in Uganda where we shall receive heavy rains or call it cats and dogs raining in the morning and by the afternoon hours it is already sunshine and very hot the weather changes itself is an interest adventure to explore while on a Uganda safari.

However for a perfect experience of a Uganda safari, we advise travelers to always know which clothing to carry depending on the scheduled seasons they are to travel to Uganda and there are higher possibilities that in some parts of the country the weather changes are unpredictable especially in the tropical rainforest areas and areas near water bodies.

Uganda safari Clothing for the wear

Long sleeved shirts for men, long sleeved tops for ladies as well as the long khaki trousers, these will protect the body skin from wild insect bites, thorn bush pricks especially for travelers who would to go nature and also enjoy the gorilla trekking experience in the Bwindi forest.   The Bwindi forest is an impenetrable forest as well as a tropical rain forest where it always  raining, thus the trekking trail grow bushes very fast that ranger guide will have to clear as you go trekking. Thus if you expose your skin you will get skin scratches, and insect bites.

Strong and light hiking gum boots and socking to enhance movement in the forest jungle as you hike to trek the mountain gorillas Bwindi forest, trek the chimpanzees in kibale forest, as well as nature walks as you enjoy the birding watching experience.

African safari head hut and sun glasses, this will protect you from the direct sun rays during the dry season while on a game drive, hiking, or on a forest walk. These can be bought from some of the African gift shops in the parks or travelers can still pack them from home.

Dull colored clothing such as grey, kaki, brown colors that eco-friendly and don’t attract tsetse flies that might bit you in the jungle and they don’t get dirt very fast while on your safari.

Water proof rain jackets to protect you in case it rains especially while on a forest walk or gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest and  Mgahinga national park which are tropical rainforests that receive rainfall any time.

Leisure clothes like shorts and light clothing to relax in while at the lodge after the long game drive adventure, after gorilla trekking experience, chimpanzee trekking experience, nature among other activities that will require you a rest. Most of the lodges in the tourism destination have swimming pools, restaurant and bar that traveler enjoy their ample time while on their Uganda safari.

Garden gloves that you will wear in your hands so that they can protect you from germ as you touch the branches and the ground to support the mountain climbing and also while hiking to trek the mountain gorillas that survive in the high altitude areas.

Warm strong clothing like sweaters and jackets that will help to warm you in the morning hours and night hours since during the rainy season in Uganda it usually cold in the morning and evening hours.

As mentioned earlier it is activity that traveler is going do influences the type of clothing to carry, however these should be comfortable, light and so tight.

Why Uganda safari clothing?

To avoid bad experiences in the African jungle, such as the wild insect bites, thorny bushes, effects of a travelers skin by the hot sun rays, comfort-ability while on a Uganda safaris adventure among other gears. It is important to know what to carry so as to enhance the adventure and good experience on a Uganda safari.

On the same note there are some travelers who are allergic to weather changes and altitude such as the hot and cold weathers, others have problems of the high altitudes sickness therefore the Uganda safari clothing factors is a very sensitive factor to consider for travelers planning to come to Uganda. Please contact adventure in the wild safaris for information concerning Uganda safari clothing, one of the leading Uganda safari operators.

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