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Uganda wildlife animals

The pearl of Africa is an extremely interesting safari destination that has got great and wonderful Savannah and forest national parks with very unique wildlife animals that survive together in harmony in the natural environment. Among the wildlife animals in the national park includes the big five animals of east Africa which famously common in queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park  and kidepo valley national park where they can easily hunt and find food.

Some of these can as well be found in other national parks but very rare such as lions known as king of the jungle, elephant, buffalos, rhinos and leopard.

Where to find the Uganda wildlife animals

Besides the wild life animals in captivity or zoo which is Uganda wildlife education center, the Uganda wildlife animals are found in their natural habitat/environment which are conserved and protected by the Uganda wild life authority, a governmental body that is in charge of wildlife and tourism in Uganda.

Each national park has got its unique flora and fauna, the Savannah and forest vegetation cover that favors the animal habitats and behavior in the African jungle. They include the following;

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, this is home to the rare mountain gorillas in Uganda and although there are other wildlife animals that can be spotted in the park such a few elephants, monkeys among others.

Mgahinga national park, this is also famous for the mountain gorillas although it has other famous animals like the golden monkeys, white and black mangabey among others.

Queen Elizabeth national park which is famous for the tree climbing lions, it has the largest number of elephants, hippos, the Uganda kobs, lions, buffalos, chimpanzees in kyambura gorge, leopards, the antelopes, topis among others.

Murchison fall national park, this famous for the Nubian giraffe populations, elephants, lions, chimpanzees in budongo forest, hippos, crocodiles at the Nile shores, buffalos, leopards, warthogs, baboons, elands among others

Kidepo valley national park, with its unique flora and flora, the park is a home to large populations of animals such as zebras, Nubian giraffes, elephants, lions, and leopards, African wild dog, spotted hyenas among others.

Lake Mburo national park, it is famously known for the impalas, zebras, hippos, eland, buffalos, warthogs, jackals, leopards among others.

Kibale forest national park, it is famous for the primate animals such as the chimpanzees, golden monkeys, black and white colobus monkey, L’Hoest’s monkey, grey checked mangabey although the park has rare leopards, elephants, among others.

Semiliki national park, this has the least number of animals such as blue duiker, squirrels, the African buffalos, blue duiker, and pigmy squirrels among others.

Others national parks include mount Elgon national park, Rwenzori mountain national park but they have rare / few animals that can be spotted in the parks. They are famously known for mountain climbing and hiking.

Wildlife animals to see on a Uganda safari

Wildlife animals are categorized into different types although they live together in the different national park in Uganda.

For example Uganda is a home to about 24 primate species surviving in the different national parks of Uganda but famously and common in kibale forest national park that has about 10 primate species, the country is also a habitat to over 340 mammal species that vary in different sizes some are small others bid and other too small while as a very big, she also a home to 1061 bird species and some Albertine endemic.

Other categories include the reptile, amphibians among others in the different national parks and others in the Uganda wildlife educational center. Among these wildlife animal some are endangered, some threatened some rare, some extinct, some are less and others are common. The rare and endangered species in Uganda National parks include the following;

Mountain gorillas, these are rare and endangered species surviving in the natural environment of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park as well as Mgahinga national park in western Uganda. According to national statics, among the remaining 880 mountain gorilla population in the world, Uganda is a home to almost half of the endangered mountain gorilla population found in only Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park

The chimpanzees, these primate species are famously common in kibale forest national park, budongo forest, kalinzu forest, kyambura gorge sector of Queen Elizabeth national park as well as semiliki national park.

Rothschild’s Giraffes, they are also known as Nubian giraffes which are famously found in Murchison falls national park with a population of 1250 giraffe’s. This is the only best spot to locate the Nubian Giraffes, however a few were reintroduced to Lake Mburo national park for ecotourism and ecology and a small number can be spotted in kidepo valley national park although these were threatened by the illegal poaching

 The Grevy’s zebras, the fascinating creatures are only found and common in Lake Mburo national park as well as kidepo valley national park

Black rhinos, in Uganda these creatures have been extinct in both Murchison fall national park and kidepo valley national due to rampant poaching and wars that happened in northern Uganda. However they have been gazetted in a private and non-profit, animal territory in Uganda at place known as Ziwa rhino sanctuary in Nakasongola, the only place in Uganda that you can find the rhinos.

 The African elephants which are common in almost all National Parks with both savannah and forest vegetation cover. The largest population of elephants is found in Queen Elizabeth national park followed by Murchison falls national park with 1330 elephants, kidepo valley national park with 407 elephants, kibale forest with 487 elephants and few are found Bwindi forest and the other national parks in Uganda.

The lions, they are also known as king of the jungle with a few remaining population of about 144 due to poisoning and killings by the local people, some die of diseases and road accidents, these are best spotted in kidepo valley national park, in queen Elizabeth national park that is known for the tree climbing lions, Murchison falls national park as well as lake Mburo national park and semiliki but they are too rare and hard to spot.

Leopards, these are found in almost all the national parks in Uganda such as queen Elizabeth national, kidepo valley national park, Murchison falls national park, semiliki ,and mount Elgon although hard to trace.

The African wild dog, these are the hardest to be seen and they are killed a lot by the human being and they are also preys to other predators. It can easily be spotted in kidepo valley national park.

Best time for viewing wildlife animals

The best time for viewing the wildlife animals is during the dry season in the months of December to February, June to mid-October where roads leading to the national parks are not slippery and muddy.

Game viewing is extremely interesting during the early morning hours, when most of the animals are awake and getting out to go and look for food and enjoy the early morning sun, while on a game drive with your game ranger guide travelers will have the insight to enjoy viewing and observe the feeding behavior of these wildlife animals and majority of them move in large numbers/herds.

Book with adventure in the wild safaris, to enjoy a wildlife safari offer where you will be in position to view the Uganda wildlife animals in their natural habitat including the big five animals.

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