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Gorilla Trekking In Uganda Versus Rwanda

Rwanda Vs Uganda: Compare Gorilla Trekking Tours, Costs, Experiences.

Gorilla trekking Uganda vs Rwanda – Uganda, Rwanda and Congo are the only three destinations in the whole where you can find the Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat. Many travelers come from all over the world to see these endangered gentle giants, however one may pose a question, what is the best place to go for a gorilla trekking tour? Here are the considerations while planning your gorilla trekking tour to Uganda or Rwanda.

Gorilla trekking permit cost Uganda Versus Rwanda

The Uganda Gorilla trekking Permit costs $600 Us Dollars while the Rwanda Gorilla trekking permits cost $1500 Us Dollars. Therefore while planning your gorilla trek, you should choose the destination whose gorilla trekking permit fits in your travel budget.

Accessibility Uganda Gorilla trekking Versus Rwanda Gorilla trekking

Accessibility to the Gorilla trekking destination from the nearest airport matters a lot especially if you prefer shorter drives. Therefore note that Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park is the most accessible gorilla trekking destination, with the driving distance being only 2 hours from Kigali City Rwanda’s capital. To access Bwindi on the other hand requires a minimum of 4-5 hours if you are coming from Kigali, and a maximum of 9 hours if you are coming from Entebbe/ Kampala capital city.

Gorilla trekking Experience, Uganda Vs Rwanda

All factors remaining constant, one would opt for the best gorilla trekking experience irrespective of the country they are doing the trek in. However what is termed as “the best gorilla trekking experience” differs from every single traveler. This is because every single traveler is unique based on physical capabilities, tastes and preference. Uganda has more mountain gorillas than Rwanda, Uganda also has more habituated gorilla families than Rwanda, this therefore means that Uganda has the ability to cater for each individual traveler’s desired gorilla trekking expectations. Whether you are interested in short treks, where you are interested in long hikes, Uganda has the complete package as the different sectors of the Bwindi have different terrains, thus each offering a unique gorilla trekking experience. Therefore while planning your gorilla tracking tour in Uganda, you can contact us and we shall plan the ideal trip for you based on your preferences.

The Rwanda Gorilla trekking experience is also has so many pros, first and fore most the management of the volcanoes national park is very organized, therefore while on your Rwanda Gorilla trekking expedition, expect the best service. The trek in Rwanda usually starts with short cultural performances, the 10 gorilla families in Rwanda live in well-defined locations and therefore chances to see the mountain gorillas stand at 99.9%, the treks last from between 1-5 hours, and you are allowed 1 hour with the mountain gorillas.

Cultural experience during the Gorilla trekking tour: Uganda Versus Rwanda

While on Uganda Gorilla trekking tour, you will enjoy an encounter with the Batwa pymies, a group of indigenous short people who lived in the Bwindi impenetrable forest before they were made protected areas for the purposes of conserving the mountain gorillas. The batwa cultural tour allows you walk the tale of time in which you learn a lot about the Batwa pygmies and their way of life. The Batwa cultural tour costs $20, which goes directly to the support of these indigenous communities of former hunters and gatherers.

A visit to the ibyiwacu cultural center at the volcanoes national park offers the desired cultural experience to spice your Rwanda Gorilla trekking tour. The Ibyiwacu Cultural centre offers a lot of information about the Rwandan Culture, history, food, dances, etc. The visit to this amazing Centre will cost you $75 dollars, but its worth it if you want to learn more about the Rwanda and its people.


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