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Ishasha sector

Why Ishasha sector should not miss on your safari itinerary

In the southern part of the most visited and second largest national park in Uganda -Queen Elizabeth national park, there is a unique sector known as Ishasha sector with rare attractions of the tree climbing lions. Ishasha sector is comprised of the open savanna grasslands with acacia and fig trees with big branches which allow lions to hang up. In east Africa, the tree climbing lions can be found in Tanzania in Lake Manyara national park and mostly at the Ishasha sector in Uganda.

Ishasha sector is found in the south western direction with in Queen Elizabeth national park in Western Uganda. The tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector are a unique attraction and makes your safari to Queen Elizabeth national park more enjoyable and memorable.

The main reasons as to why these lions in Ishasha climb trees is because they are sometimes running away from the hot grounds of the park during the hot days. They also climb trees to relax and spy their preys like kobs.

Also, the amazing and rare Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth has a various number of different animals like antelopes, kobs, and also have a chance to sight the African elephants.

Best time to visit Ishasha sector for the rare tree climbing lions.

Ishasha sector is open to tourists throughout the year though the dry season that is June to September and December to February is more favorable for the uninterrupted game drives due to dryness of roads. The dry season also makes it easy for the traveler to spot lions at the sector since the grass is always short.

Accommodations at Ishasha sector

One should not get worried about where to spend a night and to have a meal when at Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National park because the park has got a variety of accommodations ranging from budget, midrange and also luxury. The accommodations include; Ishasha wilderness camp, Mweya safari lodge, Ihamba lodge, Queen Elizabeth bush lodge and many others.

How to reach Ishasha sector

Ishasha sector can be reached by the use of both air and road types of transport.

By road.

Drive from Kampala via fort portal to Queen Elizabeth national park. The drive takes about 9 hours from Kampala to Ishasha sector and from Mweya peninsular in queen Elizabeth national park to Ishasha sector it takes about 2hours.

By air

When one wants to use air transport, there are scheduled flights at Entebbe international airport and Kajjansi airfield. You will be transferred to Kihihi airstrip or Mweya airstrip in queen Elizabeth national park and the connect to the Ishasha plains by road for the remaining 2-hour drive journey.

When planning your safari to Uganda, Ishasha sector and Queen Elizabeth national park at large must not miss on your itinerary. Also, after the safari at queen Elizabeth national park one can decide to link to Bwindi impenetrable national park for gorilla trekking as well.


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