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Attractions in Jinja

Jinja, the second largest city, is a city situated in the Eastern region of the pearl of Africa in Busoga sub-region – Jinja district. The word Jinja means ‘’place of the rocks’’. The city’s headquarters are located at Buwenge – 96kilometres from Kampala the capital of Uganda. Jinja is one of the best safari destinations in Uganda not because it has got the source of the world’s longest river – River Nile but also due to the fact that it is one of the most scenic cities in Uganda. Many activities can be done in Jinja like river boarding, flat water canoeing, water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, horse riding, cultural sites and also visiting the historical sites. Set your safari date with an experienced tour company and make your journey memorable and unforgettable by visiting the Busoga land and sight the different and adventurous attractions such as;

The source of the Nile.

The source of the longest river in the Africa- river Nile is located in Jinja city. The river is divided into two parts- the White Nile and Blue Nile. You can engage yourself in different activities while at the Nile like boat rides, kayaking, and water rafting. While at your visit at the Nile, you can also decide to visit the local art and craft arts, enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Nile and also visit the Mahatma Gandhi memorial site.

Historical and cultural sites.

The city of Jinja is encompassed with a number of cultural and historical sites including the Bujagali ancestral site, the Busoga king’s palace in Nakabango, the meeting place of the Busoga chiefs known as the Mpumude hill. This hill is the place where the Omukama of Bunyoro – Omukama Kabalega died.


The city has also got different islands situated along Lake Victoria including Samuka Island, Ndaiga Island and others which can be accessed by a boat ride along the Nile.

Bujagali falls.

The falls derived its name from one of the spiritual leaders of the Bachwezi who lived near the falls. The falls are found on the upper side of the Nile providing a number of adventurous and enjoying activities like white water rafting, quad biking, horse riding, kayaking, tubing and many others.

Itanda falls.

Also found along the Nile, the Itanda falls are more favorable to the kayakers and rafters. They are also a good place and destination for camping, birdwatching and also picnics.

Ripon falls

Previously known as the source of the Nile, the amazing Ripon falls are found at the end of the Lake Victoria. It was referred to the source of the Nile due to tremendous flow of water and the similar features as those of Lake Victoria. While at the falls, you will sight the huge water falls, dews of freshwater, different bird species and the meeting point of the water from the Ripon falls to river Nile.

Owen falls Dam.

Also known as the Nalubaale power station because of the strong relationship between the dam and Lake Victoria, the dam has been built to retain water and to use it for electricity generation recently. While at the falls, enjoy seeing the great waterfalls, bird species, catchy sounds of water flow and others.

Speke Memorial Monument.

This is a cultural and historical site located at Bukaya in Jinja city. Grab the attention of different people while at the monument, take pictures and enjoy the surrounding of lakes and water tributaries.

Nile reptile park.

This is one of the amazing parks in Jinja perfect for both kids and old. The zoo has a variety of animals and reptiles like crocodiles, zebras, pythons and turtles.

In evidence to the above attractions, Jinja is truly and highly a tourist heaven in Uganda.





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