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Gorilla Trekking Boots / Gorilla trekking shoes

Have you booked your gorilla trekking safari and are wondering which type of gorilla trekking boots to bring? Worry no more; here is everything you need to know about the gorilla trekking footwear.

Gorilla trekking involves hiking through a rough terrain in the thick tropical rain forests of Bwindi, Mghahinga, Virunga or Volcanoes NP where the mountain gorillas are found. The altitude generally differs depending on where the particular mountain gorilla family you have been assigned to track stays. There are no specific gorilla trekking boots required; you can use any type of boots or hiking shoes that you have provided that they are comfortable on your feet.

Gorilla trekking Boots / Gorilla trekking shoes when it rains

During the rainy season, the usual Gorilla trekking shoes or hiking boots may be unfavorable especially if the are not water proof. Those are bound to get we and thus cause discomfort to you during your Gorilla trekking safari. It is therefore recommended that you hire rubber gumboots which are available near the tracking centers for as low as $10. At Adventure in the wild safaris we have rubber gumboots which we supply to our guests especially during the rainy season such that they can have the best of their safari. Other things to carry if you are doing your gorilla trek during the rainy season include a poncho or rain jacket.


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