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Tree climbing lions in uganda, Tree climbing lions of ishasha, Tree climbing lions queen elizabeth national park

It is unbelievable that lions can actually climb trees, yes they can and the only chance to spot these amazing wild tree climbing cats in Africa is in the Ishasha plains of Queen Elizabeth National park in Western Uganda as well as in Lake Manyara national park in  the sourthern part of Tanzania. Touring the ishasha sector of queen elizabeth national park to see the tree climbing lions is one of the top activities while on a Uganda Safari.

These amazing tree climbing lions in Uganda are estimated to 45 plus in number. They are uneasy to spot making tourists to think that their presence is just a myth and the only way tourism Is being marketed in the country. However these animals are real and they mostly love climbing acacia and sycamore fig trees where they spend the day on top of the trees. The male lions sport manes that are black which is also very unique but there is a very low chance of seeing the male lions with the manes.

Many people have been wondering why these lions would climb trees, others suggested that its due to cultural beliefs while others think that they actually hide away from insects and other pests that would feast on them. However a clear reason as why these animals climb trees still remains unknown.

Tree climbing lions are not easily spotted during the game drive though if the visitors have a well experienced Uganda wildlife Authority tour guide, they will  be able to spot these mysterious animals on the acacia or a fig tree since they seem to be knowing every tree in Ishasha region. Your driver may not be having enough ideas of how to identify the lions so you might end up missing this greatest adventure.

Animals such as leopards, numerous antelopes, buffalo herds and elephants can be seen during the game drive in Ishasha with great opportunities of taking clear pictures of the plenty Uganda kobs that spread on the ground as well as birds like compact weaver, black coucal and water birds such as storks and Herons near the Lake Edward marshlands.

How to get to Ishasha.

Ishasha is located in the south western rim of Queen Elizabeth national park which is most visited by visitors for chimpanzee trekking as well as bird watching.

Ishasha can be accessed by road a full day’s drive from Entebbe or Kampala. A four hours drive from Fort Portal, two hours drive from Queen Elizabeth national park and six hours drive from Lake Mburo national park.

You can also access Ishasha on your way to Bwindi Impenetrable national park or Mweya aerea for gorilla trekking. Your tour guide can help you stop and watch these  tree lions that lazily sleep on the trees gazing at the many Uganda kobs.

Accommodation at Ishasha

A great option is by booking through your itinerary  where you can spend the night at Ishasha jungle lodge found in kanungu district, along kameme road and only two kilometer off katokye gate of Queen Elizabeth national park  where you will offered bush breakfast in the morning before proceeding to your destined areas.

Another beautiful lodge is @ the river lodge which is a highly affordable eco-camp found on the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park from where you can see white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, baboons and over 1000 species of birds.

There is also Enjojo lodge bordering the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth park. Abundant herds of elephants, antelopes and buffaloes as well as birdlife are easily spotted from the lodge. They have accommodation that favors all budgets with comfortable  self- contained rooms with classic bathrooms and verandas.

When to go to Ishasha.

Ishasha is opened through out the year though the best views are during the wet months of April, May and early December. The drier months are June, October ,January and March.

The tree climbing lions are one of the famous and key activity that bring a lot of travelers to queen Elizabeth national park which is located in the south western Uganda in the districts of kamwenge, kasese, Rukungiri and Rubirzi.

The famous tree climbing lions are in found in Ishasha sector that is situated southern region of Queen Elizabeth national park. The tree climbing lions are among the rare wildlife animals are not easy to find. In east Africa the tree climbing lions are found in Uganda in Queen Elizabeth national which is the second largest national park as well as in the southern region of Tanzania in Lake Manyara. These kinds of lions that actually climb trees are found in only two areas in the world.

The tree climbing lions is among the big five animal of Africa a term that used by a number tour companies to all Uganda safaris. Queen Elizabeth national is as well a home to other wildlife animals such as the African buffaloes, the elephants, chimpanzees, the hippos, zebras, antelopes, the waterbucks, bushbuck, mongoose, and the Uganda kobs among others. This can be seen on a game drive, on hot air balloon safaris in the different sector of the park such as the Ishasha sector, Mweya peninsular and Kasenyi sector or on a boat cruise on kazinga channel.

How to access the tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector?

The tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector can be accessed through road transport as well as air transport from different parts of Uganda.

From Kampala to queen Elizabeth National park via Mbarara,  fort portal, kasese district, it is about 7-8 hours’ drive using a 4×4 vehicle to connect to the southern wing of the park where Ishasha sector is located that is home to the tree climbing lions.

Tree climbing lions can be accessed by travelers on a Uganda safari from different tourism destinations. Travelers from Bwindi impenetrable forest national park can access the Ishasha sector via kihihi – Buhoma section which is a 3-4 hours’ drive to the tree climbing lions.

From Mweya peninsular of Queen Elizabeth national park, it is approximately 2 hours’ drive to connect to Ishasha sector using a 4×4 safari vehicle.

  On air transport travelers coming from kajjansi air strip in Entebbe international airport land in kihihi airstrip the they will be driven for 3-4 hours to Ishasha sector and enjoy the tree  climbing lions.

Why do lions climb trees?

The tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector climb the huge fig trees so as to protect themselves from hot heat of the sun during the dry season when there is little rain expected therefore trees give them shelter.

The tree climbing lions don’t climb only in the dry season but the fig tree branches acts as resting grounds for the lion after a hunt of the day

Climbing the acacia and fig tree branches gives the lions a clear sight of viewing the prey animals that are feeding 9n the open savannah grassland of Ishasha sector so that they don’t go a miss when hunting such as the Uganda jobs, the impalas, the zebras among other animals.

When is the best time to visit the tree climbing lions?

Just like the Uganda safari which are sold throughout the year, the tree climbing lions can be visited the whole year however the season that is recommended for the best and exception experience is during the dry season when there is little rain expected. In the dry season, the roads leading to the tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector are dry and they are passable compered to the rainy when they are wet. Muddy and slippery thus passing through the safari becomes difficult.

It is during the dry season that it becomes very hot forcing the tree climbing lions to climb the acacia and fig tree branches so as they can find a shelter that can protect them from the dry hot heat of the sun.

During the dry season the Ishasha sector has got short dry and open savannah grass that easily give travelers clear views of the tree climbing lions than compared to the rainy season when the grass is too tall and the lions find difficulties in climbing the tree branches because they are also wet and slippery.

In conclusion the tree climbing lion adventure is one of the number reasons why there are many travelers that visit the queen Elizabeth national because these unique lions that climb tree are not easy to find except in queen Elizabeth of Uganda and Lake Manyara of Tanzania. Book with us for more unique wonders about the pearl of Africa Uganda safari and earn yourself a life time adventure experience in the African jungle.

Tree climbing lions in uganda, Tree climbing lions of ishasha, Tree climbing lions queen elizabeth national park

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