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Gorilla trekking Uganda fitness

Gorilla trekking activity in Uganda is an amazing and interesting adventure which can be done by any person above 15 years of age regardless of whether the person is physically fit.  The physical fitness of a person is not factor that is considered in Uganda for someone to trek the mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest or mountain Mgahinga national park it is a minor thing to undermine because the trekking groups are grouped according the traveler’s fitness ability and the ranger guides considers every one pace of trekking in the African jungle

 Gorilla trekking fitness in Bwindi forest or Mgahinga national park

As earlier mentioned gorilla trekking is not limited to the physically fit tourist but rather as longer a traveler can afford the gorilla trekking permit and is above 15 years of age. This should be the major concern to all travelers who would like to visit Uganda for gorilla trekking.

However, if there are travelers who would like to have physical fitness while on their gorilla trekking experience, they can exercise while they are still home before to come for their gorilla trekking trip in Uganda.  This will help them to get familiar with the gorilla trekking landscapes.

On the other hand, as travelers are being grouped in the groups of 8 which is the maximum number of people allowed to trek a gorilla family per day. The groups with physical fitness problems are always taken to trek the nearest mountain gorilla families which does not need a lot of climbing / hiking and walking long distances.

It is also important to note that being physically fit is an added advantage to all travelers who are planning to visit Uganda for gorilla trekking. It makes the gorilla trekking more interesting and adventurous due to the factor that mountain gorillas live in high altitude areas.

Although we are aware of that physical fitness is important while planning gorilla trekking in Uganda, there are other alternatives to travelers who not physically fit. Travelers can opt to hire porters at fee who are local people to assist them carrying their back bags which gargets like rain jackets, camera, among others, so that to make their safari a stress-free and an interesting enjoy the trekking

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