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Uganda Safari Guides

After you have finished planning your Uganda Safari and the time reaches for you to go on your safari, you will need the services of an experienced Uganda Safari Guide to ensure that your trip goes as planned and that you get all the information you may need to learn about Uganda. At Adventure in the wild safaris, we have several Uganda Safari guides with several years of experience and vast knowledge of information about the Uganda national parks, wildlife, attractions and activities and the social economic information about Uganda.

While recruiting Uganda safari guides we test them on aspects such as driving skills and offer them more training where necessary especially with issues about defensive driving, we test their knowledge about the national parks and places in Uganda and where need be more training is done, we consider languages and comprehension to ensure that there is flawless communication between the guide and the guests, we consider personality and as such guides with different personalities are carefully chosen to go on trips having weighed the expectations of the guests, we occasionally recruit guides from other companies whom we know have a good track record.

As Adventure in the wild safaris, we know that the guide plays a very big role in ensuring that your safari is a success and therefore we carefully assign the Uganda safari guides to trips based on the above and several other factors.

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