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Attractions in Murchison falls national park

Murchison fall national park is one of the oldest national that was established in 1952 as a gazetted protected and conserved area by the government of Uganda.  It is as well the largest national park that is covered with the savannah grassland, woodland, wetlands and the tropical rainforest that is home to a diversity of wildlife animals surviving in the park which can be viewed on game drive or boat launch cruise.

After Murchison fall national was declared as a gazetted tourism destination, the Uganda wildlife authority spotted out the key tourism attraction in the area which update greatly contribute to the Uganda wildlife safaris and have pushed the park to be one of the best tourism destination that is highly visited by a large percentage of tourists that come to Uganda.

What the main tourism attractions in Murchison falls national park?

The unique might Murchison fall, this was the number one activity to be spotted followed by the victoria Albertine Nile that is home to a large population of hippos as well as crocodiles that survive at the river sandbanks. The river bank adds life to the unique wildlife animals as it acts as a source of water to various animals that normally gather at the river banks to kill off their thirsty.

Wildlife viewing, Murchison falls national park is a home to famous for unique rare and endangered Rothschild giraffes that can only be seen in the park before they were reintroduced in lake mburo national park , it also home to other wildlife animals such as the elephants, to lions, leopards, the waterbucks, bushbucks, antelopes, the Uganda kobs, zebras among others. These can easily be spotted at the northern section of the park on a game drive safari in the park. The park is one of the best destinations that will give an insight to travelers to spot the big five animals of Africa and it is a home to a lot of primate animals such as the chimpanzees in the budongo forest , the blue monkeys, white and black colobus monkeys, the grey checked mangabey among others.

Spot fishing, Murchison falls national park is one the best destination for spot fishing give will give travelers an incredible experience as they will have an opportunity to catch biggest fish in the world such as the Nile perch and other types of fish such as the tilapia fish, the cat fish among others.

Chimpanzee trekking, this is one of the gorgeous activity that bring a lot of travelers to the park. Chimpanzee trekking is famously best done in budongo forest but it can as well be done in kaniyo Pabidi forest that has got a lot of mahogany trees that contribute to the survival of the famous chimpanzees in the park. Besides chimpanzee trekking there are other primates on the forest such as the olive baboons, grey checked monkeys, white and black colobus monkey.

Boat launch cruise ride, this is adventure activity that will give travelers an insight to visit the might Murchison fall at the same time enjoy viewing the river bank wildlife animals such as the hippos, to crocodiles as well as other animals that come to drink water  at the river bank. There are two launch boat cruises such as the delta boat cruise which takes 4-5 hours and the boat that takes 3 hours and they operate in the morning and evening schedules.

What is the cost of attractions in Murchison fall national park?

Standard price cost has been fixed by the Uganda wildlife authority for all the main attractions in the park such as:

Game drive in Murchison fall national park is 40 dollars per adult and it is inclusive of the entry fees, since almost every traveler that comes to the park has to do a game drive adventure.

The delta boat costs 40 dollars per person  and the Nile boat costs 30 dollars per person and this is done into two session, in the morning session as well as the evening session.

Chimpanzee trekking in budongo forest costs 90 dollars per person and the trekking permit allows travelers to stay with the chimpanzee community for only one hour.

In conclusion there are other activities to supplement the above such as nature walks in pabidi forest, hiking at the top of the falls community visit among others that can arranged on travelers request.  For more information regarding the attractions in Murchison falls national please contact us your safari experts in the organizing Uganda safaris on the jungle.

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