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Horse Riding in Jinja

Jinja is one of the great and wonderful city that travelers prefer to visit due to the fact that it is one of those tourism destination that demonstrate the pearl of Africa endless wonders Jinja is as well-known as the Uganda capital of adventure due to the adventure sport activities that are done on the source of river Nile, in Jinja city that will give travelers a lot unforgettable memories about the visit to the source of the Nile.

Horse riding is one of the creation and leisure activities that give an insight to travelers to explore the source of river Nile banks that is known as the longest river in Africa. The activity is an extremely interesting and incredible as you will enjoy viewing the tea plantation, the rolling hills, the sugar plantations birds and animals among others.

Where to do horse riding in Jinja?

In Jinja, horse riding safaris is operated by the Nile horseback safari which is an Austrian safari company that has been licensed to operate horse safaris in Uganda and has satisfied experience to ensure the safety of all travellers that participate in horse riding adventure activity.

Horse riding in Jinja does not require skills and experience to participate in the activity since the Nile Horseback safari team first offers basics skill training before starting the activity especially to first time riders such as how to control the horse according to your pace the horse have been trained and they are always very sensitive of what you want them to do for safe and calm ride experience.

Only travelers who don’t exceed 90 kg of weight are allowed to participate in horse riding safari with the Nile horse safari in Jinja. This is a rule has that been emphasized to ensure the safety and health of the horses and as well as the traveler.

It is also important to note that horse riding with the Nile horse safari is done in four sections which are in a day that is at 10 AM which is the morning horse ride, 2 PM as the afternoon horse ride, at 4 PM as the evening ride and for travelers who have enough experience can be allowed to participate in the overnight horse ride. Horse riding in with the Nile horse ride safaris in Jinja offers opportunity to kids to also participate in the horse ride experience and they organize ponies for children. The ponies are arranges for short horse ride of 30 minutes to first time riders and long rides for the  experience and skilled children that takes one hour.

What is the cost of horse riding safari in Jinja?

The price cost of horse riding will depend on how long the traveler would like to enjoy the horse ride since it is charged depending on how many hours the traveler would like to go. For example;

For kids horse pony ride in an hour is 120,000/= per kid and for 30 minutes pony ride is 70,000/= per kid.

A one hour horse ride cost is 40 USD per adult, one hour and half horse riding is 50 USD per adult, for two hours horse ride its 60 per Adult, for three hours horse riding is 90 USD per adult, for an overnight horse ride is 60 USD per adult.

For more information regarding the price cost of horse riding on Jinja, please contact Adventure in the Wild Safaris the your Uganda safari experts, we have the experience to customize your horse riding in Jinja with other activities on the source of the Nile such as bungee jumping, white water rafting, zip lining among others that will offer you incredible adventure experiences in the pearl of Africa.

How to book horse ride safari in Jinja?

For direct bookings and inquires, travelers can contact the Nile horseback safaris via email or a phone call to their reservation office in Jinja and they will be in position to give them an immediate feedback and they are ready to serve all time.

However we normally advise travelers to book their horse ride safari in Jinja with a Uganda safari expert operator who will assist them with arrange accommodation, meals, transportation, as well as giving them different opinion of how best they can enjoy a horse in Jinja. When you book with adventure in wild safari, we will offer an extremely ordinary horse ride adventure experience together with our company safari guide who will accompany you to Jinja horse safari destination. Contact us for bookings and all sorts of inquiry, we are ready to serve you attaching value to every dollar paid for your horse safari.

What to pack for a horse ride in Jinja?

For travelers planning to go for a horse ride safari in Jinja, we advise travelers to carry long sleeved trousers for both men and women, confortable sports shoes, an helmet or head hut for protection of the head from direct sun rays and in case of an accident, travelers should not forget a cream repellent to protect their skin shine rays on a horse ride a safari.

Other activities to supplement horse riding in Jinja

As earlier mentioned, horse riding take a few hours thus it can get room to participate in other adventurous activities in the ‘Uganda’s capital of adventure’ that has a wide range of attractions and activities to enjoy n a Uganda safari these include:

Water rafting; this is an extremely interesting sport activity that is done on river in Jinja, it is a recreation that will offer you an activity to viewing the beautiful sceneries of the Nile, travelers will as well enjoy the sunshine and warm water, the rapid waters, the islands and river channel, white water rafting is accompanied by an experienced guide that will assist to control the raft ride speed thus traveler have a great fascinating adventure in a life time.

Bungee jumping experience, this is a new activity that has been recently launched on the river Nile where they will tie your ankle or the body then you will jump from a raised structural place of the river with your head looking down. It is an adventure with in the adventure that very many travelers that have phobia on water fear to engage in the activity, it is regarding among the life time adventure thus travelers should not miss out the bungee jumping experience in Uganda.

Kayaking , this is another sport activity on water that involves rife the kayaks boats slowly on water as you explore the beauty of the river Nile as well visiting the source of river Nile.

Quad biking experience is another interesting adventure on the source of the Nile that begins with briefing and training of how to control the bikes, how change gears, especially to first time riders. The activity gives you an opportunity to explore the river banks, the sugar and tea plantations, visit the nearby villages and communities; enjoy seeing kids that swim on river Nile among others.

Sport fishing, the river in Jinja is one of the best spots destinations for sport fishing that will give an insight to travelers to participate on catching the largest fish in the world which is Nile perch in the fresh waters of the Nile as well other types of fish such as the tilapia fish, cat fish among others.

Jet boating, this is one of the ancient activity that travelers enjoy when they visit Jinja. It is a motorized high speed boat that is operated with by a well-trained guide that will give you an incredible experience as you enjoy hitting the water rapids and wave.

Swimming in the fresh water of the source of the Nile, the place is one of the best spot for great swimmers and its water is bilharzia free and it is as well as free from dangerous animals like the hippos, the crocodiles.

How to get to Jinja?

Jinja is one of the nearest towns near Kampala capital city, it is situated in the south eastern part of Uganda and it is east of Kampala. A drive to Jinja will take you 2 hours if there is no jam and if there is jam then it will an approximate  of about 3 hours’ drive.

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