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Top of the falls hike in Murchison Falls National Park

Hike to the top of Murchison Falls

Hiking top of the falls is one of the exciting and extremely interesting activities in Murchison fall national park. Murchison fall national park is as also known as kabalega national park. The park is so famous due to fact that it is a home to the great might beautiful Murchison fall. This is one of the key attractions in the park that bring a lot of travelers all over the world.

Murchison fall nation park is the largest and oldest national park and it id followed by Queen Elizabeth national park. The park is one of the top tourism destinations in Uganda beside Bwindi impenetrable forest that is famous for the grill trekking adventure activity in Africa.

Murchison fall national park is covered by the savannah and tropical forest vegetation that is a home to a wide range of wildlife animals that live together in harmony in the natural environment of the park. The park is one of the best destinations to spot the big five wildlife animals which were named by the African game hunters. Such as the lions, the beautiful and gentle elephants, the African cape buffaloes, the canning leopard as well as the rhino that will be seen in the Ziwa rhino sanctuary on your ways to Murchison.  The park is uniquely blessed with a wide range of extremely interesting features that contribute greatly to the scenic beauty of the pearl of Africa wonders.

Murchison fall national park has been divided into two sections by the might Albertine Nile. Such as the northern section as well as the southern sections which can be explored on game drive safari or on a hot air balloon saris enjoying its great beauty and wonderful features of the park. The northern section is highly blessed with a lot of exciting activities and attractions since it has a high concentration of wildlife animals and it offers the best experience and memories about the park. The section has got a lot of nature walk trails and game trails that are taken to enhance the traveler’s exploration of the park and the trails lead to mostly exiting attractions in the park.

Hiking to the top of Murchison falls

Hiking to the top of Murchison fall is another incomparable adventure experience that travelers will enjoy when they visit Murchison fall national park. Hiking at to the top of the falls gives you an insight to explore and the enjoy the pearl of Africa hidden secret beauties in the natural and incredible gorge of the park waterfall that is a small and narrow  trench where the Nile water on very high pressure force its way through the gorge.

The exception adventure activity is combined together with the Nile boat ride safari on the victoria since hiking the top of the falls start at the bottom of the fall. Therefore all travelers who are interested in hiking the top of the fall is mandatory that they will have to book a Nile boat cruise ride that will drive travelers for two hours to the starting point of the hike to the top of the fall.

The experience so incredible and lifetime dream adventure as it will give travelers an opportunity to first enjoy the wildlife animals and birds that will be viewed at Nile banks and also alongside the marvelous gorge, such as the Nile crocodile, the huge population of hippos, elephants drinking water, the water-bucks, zebras, warthogs among others.

What is expected during the top of the falls hike?

When you take a Nile boat cruise ride at the Victoria Nile, the boat ride will drop you at the starting point off the hike which is known as the bakers’ point / trail. It is historically believed that this is the point where Sir Samuel baker a European explorer stood and declared Uganda as ‘The Pearl of Africa’ and it is this spot that he named ‘Murchison fall’. Although the story will not give you clear imagination about of how these explores managed to go through the virgin environment of the place will not give you a clear picture of how they did it as you experience the hike by yourself, it is really fascinating.

Hiking at top of the falls is escorted and accompanied by a profession park ranger guide who will dig into the historical stories of the sir Samuel baker’s discoveries and achievements during his exploration of the Murchison. The guides will as well as tell you about the wildlife animals expected to be seen while hiking the top of the falls, the bird species and trees that you will encounter on your way to the top of the fall, during the hiking experience travelers have a lot of question wondering the natural beauty they are seeing and how the people of Uganda have managed to keep it green, natural and a virgin area which really gives authentic experience of the jungle on safari.

The great might Murchison falls are one of the key attraction that will give travelers first sight as they start hiking the top of the falls. The great massive and pressure of waters from the Victoria Nile forces its ways through the narrow gorge that has got beautiful rocks that formed rippling around to form the white foam as the water goes through. Due to the high forces of the water from the vioctoria nile, travelers on a hike will hear a great sound of the waterfall squeezing itself through the narrow gorge as well as the trembling grounds as continue with the hiking.

The hiking experience takes about 45 minutes from the point where the Nile boat drops you and you start the guided walk at the top of the falls, going through the early explorers footmarks where the route is full of water logged areas, you will be imposition to spot a lot of flying bird species, butterflies among other wildlife offering you great imagination of the pearl of Africa.

As you reach the top of the falls you will have an insight to a lot of pictures of the waterfall, videos as you also enjoy viewing the sister falls to Murchison falls which is known as Uhuru falls. The Uhuru falls can only be viewed when travelers hike at the top of the falls, travelers can request their tour operator to include hiking the top of the falls in their Murchison fall safari itinerary. When you book your safari to when Murchison fall national park with adventure in the wild safaris, hiking the top of the fall is inclusive in our itinerary unless the traveler in not interested then we adjust the itinerary.

Top of the falls hike in Murchison Falls National Park

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