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Ngamba Island

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Lake Victoria Uganda

Ngamba Island is an isolated island that is situated within Lake Victoria and surrounded with waters of the lake. It is a sanctuary home for the rescued endangers chimpanzees that were got from the poachers that were trying to smuggle them out of their designated natural habitat. Ngamba Island is a gazetted reserve that is under a wildlife conservation trust NGO known as CSWCT that is home to about 46 chimpanzee orphans that were rescued from poachers. The chimpanzee at Ngamba island are first trained to normal so that they get out of the trauma that poachers took them through when they getting them from their family members.

Ngamba sanctuary is one of the best leading primate destination which is rich in huge population of chimpanzees that can be seen without going much trekking since there is viewing point where you will enjoy their feeding behavior and lifestyle pattern of life in at this isolated island.

The sanctuary offers extraordinary and exciting moments about these primate animals in that area have been protected in a unique setting. The island is open for tourism throughout year and Ngamba Island has helped to defend the rights of chimpanzee in front of human being who humiliate them through poaching practices and smuggling them for sell to other countries. Thus human been have taught to understand the importance of protecting nature and wildlife that is found in their communities.

What do to do in Ngamba Island?

Chimpanzee watching.The core value of conserving and protecting Ngamba Island was find home for the touched and traumatized chimpanzees from the poachers who bring a very bad effect and experience to these beautiful wildlife creatures.

Therefore unlike chimpanzee trekking in the different destinations of Uganda such as kibale forest national park, budongo forest, kalinzu forest that involves searching for the chimpanzee community and then spend one hour with the community, in Ngamba island there is an extremely and exciting chimpanzee watching experience that does not need visitors to first search for the chimpanzees due to the fact that the place has a viewing place for visitors and it does not need any trekking to see these chimpanzees.

 The viewing point has played a very important role of protecting the chimpanzees from communicable diseases of human beings such as flue, cough among others due to the fact that there is limited interaction with human beings.

The viewing point also acts as a safety boundary of two visitor due to the fact that there are some newly brought in chimpanzees that have been just saved from the trauma these might very wild when they meet with human being due to previous experience from the poachers.

Infant chimpanzee integration experience, at Ngamba Island, the new chimpanzee members that have been rescued from trauma are always monitored and initiated in the chimpanzee community at Ngamba Island by the management of the island. The management uses different methods to integrate the chimpanzees in the new community. This depends on sex, age, and the level of trauma among others therefore travelers can enjoy the integration processes when they visit the island.

Nature walks in the island forest, travelers can as well take a nature walk in the forest of the island which will give travelers an insight to encounter with the childish immature chimpanzees that are so playful and they like interacting with human being when they see them. Nature walk at Ngamba Island permits a maximum of 4 people who are allowed to spend one hour with the chimpanzees.

Caregiver adventure program, travelers that visit Ngamba island get an opportunity of participate in the care giver program where you will be considered as the caregiver or care taker of the chimpanzee community on the day you choose to enjoy the program, this involves preparing food for the chimpanzees, feeding them, administering medicine, research and monitoring thus giving you an opportunity to interact directly with the chimpanzees however travelers should note that that this activity is not done alone, you will have assistance from the caregivers at Ngamba island. The care givers program is extremely an interesting adventure that majority of the travelers like enjoying when they visit the island. Ngamba Island for more than one day, and it is a platform that management uses to raise funds that feed these chimpanzee orphans and visitors can as well experience what it takes to maintain and feed these orphan chimpanzees at the island.

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Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

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