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Rushaga sector

Rushaga sector is one of the sectors in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park that harbors the habituated mountain gorilla families which are open for tourism throughout the year in Bwindi forest national park. Rushaga sector is the only sector in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park where gorilla habituation experience is done and there are only two gorilla families that are open for gorilla habituation experience. Rushaga sector is one of the best gorilla trekking sectors that us demanded by a number of travelers who would like to enjoy gorilla tourism in both Rwanda and Uganda.

Rushaga sector can easily be accessed by traveler from volcanoes national park looking for a double gorilla trekking experience in Bwindi forest and they go through Cyanika border which borders kisoro district and it is near volcanoes national park.

 Why gorilla trekking in Rushaga sector?

Rushaga sector is the second best gorilla trekking sector due to the factor that it can easily be accessed by travelers from volcanoes national park compared to other sectors and it is the only place in Bwindi forest where gorilla habituation is carried out. Rushaga sector offers incredible views of mount Gahinga of the Democratic republic of Congo, Nyiragongo volcano as well as Mahabura thus it is strategically and geographically located to offer extra ordinary experiences of “The Pearl of Africa”

 Rushaga sector harbors about five habituated gorillas and it is this sector that is ranked with the highest number of habituated gorillas such as the Bushingye family, Nshongi, Bweza, Mishaya, and kahungye family. Thus it also makes Rushaga one of the best sectors in Bwindi to trek the gorilla family.

Nshongi family, this is composed of 36 members which are led by a mature silverback gorilla Nshongi who has managed to increase the family in numbers. Nshongi silverback gorilla overthrew his father Mishaya to take over leadership who died because of old age.

Kahungry gorilla family, this has about 27 individuals that are led by one silverback gorilla who has also managed to grown the family members. The family is one of the habituated families t6hat was habituated and opened for tourism in 2011. It has 3 black back, 3 silverbacks, 3 adult females, two infant, 3 juveniles, and two infants among other members.

Bweza gorilla family, the family is led one silverback gorilla Kakono it has about 12 individuals and it is open for tourism throughout the year. Bweza was established in 2012 and it has 1 sub-adult gorilla, infants, 4 blackbacks, 3 adult’s females and two infants.

Mishaya gorilla family, t6hied is another sector of rushuga that has about 7 members led by one silverback gorilla and it open for tourism throughout the year.

Due to the every many habituated gorilla families in Rushaga, the Uganda wildlife authority issues out a lot of gorilla trekking permit (a maximum of about 40 permits) for the Rushaga sector everyday compared to others, therefore increasing the chances of all travelers that would like to trek in Rushaga sector thus it is the best alternative incase the Buhoma gorilla permits have been sold out.

Besides the gorilla trekking experiences, Rushaga sector offers travelers other exciting activities that can enjoyed after gorilla trekking experiences such as the batwa community walks that gives travelers an insight to interrupt with the local people and their indigenous cultures as well as patterns of life.

Forest walks is one of the best alternatives to explore Bwindi forest national park that will give travelers an opportunity to enjoy the bird watching experience , the other wildlife animals that may not be seen while trekking the mountain gorillas. The forest walks in Bwindi forest are done together with an escort of an armed UWA ranger guide who knows more about Bwindi forest with a lot historical myths about the wildlife, birds, forest and the surrounding communities (the Batwa and Bakiga communities).

Lake Mutanda is another place to explore when travellers trek in Rushaga sector where travellers will enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the lake, scenic views of the rolling hills around Bwindi forest.

Gorilla habituation experience is another adventure alternative activity for all travelers who visit Rushaga for gorilla safaris. Gorilla habituation experience is the process that wild mountain gorillas especially the mature silverbacks go through as they are trained and tamed to get used to the presence of the human beings before they are opened for the gorilla trekking experiences. There are only two gorilla families in Rushaga sector which are open for gorilla habituation experiences such as the Bikingi and Bushaho gorilla family.

Gorilla habituation permits allows travelers to spend only 4 hour with the mountain gorilla family and a maximum of four people are allowed to participate in the habituation experience, while as gorilla trekking permit allows a maximum of 8 people to meet the gorilla family and travelers are allowed to spend only one hour with the gorilla group.Gorilla trekking permit in Uganda for Rushaga sector costs 600 USD per person but by June 2020 the gorilla trekking permit will cost 700 USD per person. Gorilla habituation experience in Rushaga sector cost 1500 USD per person per day.

Accommodation in Rushaga sector

Due to the fact uniqueness about Rushaga sector such as  having huge numbers of the habituated gorilla families plus the unique scenic views to Gahinga volcanoes, Virunga volcanoes, lake Mutanda giving Rushaga sector a geographically strategic location that attract a number of travelers. This has as well influenced a lot of accommodation facilities to be established in Rushaga sector so as to enhance an excellent of travelers on the gorilla safaris in Bwindi forest.

The accommodation facilities in Rushaga sector range from budget options, mid-range options, as well as the luxury option plus camps site alternatives, this is booked depending on the traveler’s budget. Acc0omodation facilities in Rushaga sector include chameleon hill lodge, Rushaga gorilla havens, Ichumbi gorilla lodge, Lake Mutanda resort, Rushaga gorilla camp, gorilla valley lodge among others. These offer good facilities and services from the Uganda staff that is awesome making the gorilla trekking experience an incredible adventure.

How to access Rushaga sector?

From Kampala or Entebbe international airport it takes about 9-10 hours’ drive to access Rushaga sector via Masaka – Mbarara road giving travelers an advantage to enjoy incredible and beautiful scenic views of the pearl of Africa. Travelers coming from Kigali city of Rwanda, they can access Rushaga sector via Cyanika border or Katuna and it takes travelers four to six hours drive on road transport using a 4×4 safari vehicle. This is the easiest sector to access for travelers from Rwanda who would like to trek gorillas in Bwindi and later go back home because the sector is near Rwanda.

Travelers who have problems with moving in a vehicle for long distances can alternatively opt for a flight from Entebbe international airport to Bwindi forest or from Kigali international airport and it will take them only one hour to the park. Travelers from kajjansi airstrip can land in kihihi or kisoro airstrip and later transferred to Rushaga sector in the south in about 2 hours’ drive. There are domestic airlines that operate domestic flights to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park such as Uganda airlines, aero link Uganda limited. Please contact Adventure in the wild safaris to book your safari for gorilla trekking in Rushaga sector, send as an inquiry with the details of when date, month, number of people who want to trek and the passport details to confirm your gorilla trekking permits in Rushaga sector.

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