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Uganda Chobe safari lodge

Uganda Chobe safari lodge is a unique and luxury safari accommodation located in Murchison fall national park. The lodge is strategically located in to enhance a travelers Uganda safari adventure in the largest national park in the pearl of Africa that has got unique waterfall, the wonderful wildlife animals, birds, the Savannah flora and fauna scenic beauties as well as the tropical budongo forest that is a home to the amazing chimpanzees.

Please book with adventure in the wild safaris, to book for you the Uganda Chobe safari lodge at discounted rate. The lodge has got luxury excellent facilities that will back up a creditable and unforgettable experience of a Uganda safari in Murchison fall national park.

Facilities and services

Chobe safari lodge has got the swimming pool in the pearl of Africa that will to cool of the heat after the long game drive experience. The swimming pool has got an inbuilt bar with all sorts of beverage drinks as well as amazing cocktails drinks to off your thirsty. It is facing the river Nile panoramic views as it falls from karuma falls to Murchison falls.

The karuma restaurant at the Uganda Chobe safari lodge is another excellent dinning place with amazing cuisines of dishes, such as the continental and English breakfast, the barbecues buffets and ala-cate all are offered depending on the travelers options and request. The restaurants have all types of food offered including the vegetarians and the food is served with a smile by the welcoming and hospitality staff. Please book adventure in the wild safaris so you don’t miss out on the mouth-watering local and international menu options.

The gift shop at lodge has got all sorts of east African craft presents and souvenirs such as craft shoes, the Uganda Murchison fall national park guide map and books, safari requirement among others. Don’t for get to take your beloved ones a souvenir from your Uganda safari.

Conference facilities offer a peaceful and comfortable environment that will grant you a meeting experience adventure in the jungle all the way from home. The conference hall is facing the great views of the Nile River that is why it is referred to as the Nile conference. For information and the conference arrangements in the Uganda Chobe safari lodge, contact adventure in the wild safari for the perfect arrangements while on your Uganda safari.

Uganda Chobe safari lodge has got a well-equipped business center with 24 hour fast internet. The place is open throughout the week from 8 am to 8 pm and it is accessible to all in house.

Activities at Uganda Chobe safari lodge

As mentioned earlier the lodge is the best destination for spot fishing, game drive activities where you enjoy viewing the wildlife animals like such as sitatunga antelopes, Uganda kobs, elephants, water-buck, lions, leopards, water-bucks, hippos among other wildlife animals, bird watching experience at the Nile river, nature walks at the top of the falls, hiking to the top of the falls, chimpanzee trekking, Nile delta boat cruise adventures.

Offers and packages, during  the low season, the lodge has discounted rates on its accommodation rooms, it also offers the weekend gate offer that runs throughout the year giving an opportunity to all travelers who would like to enjoy a Uganda safari in Murchison falls national park.

The honeymoon offer is another extremely interesting and unforgettable treat at the Uganda Chobe safari lodge as the lodge offers an opportunity to the bride and grooms to plant a tree of memory at lodges premises while on their honey moon enjoyment. This is one of the amazing offers that is too romantic in the way the Chobe staff and team package it, they go further to arrange a romantic private dinner at the honeymoon nest facing the river among other accompaniments. To enjoy this treat and the honey money package offer at Chobe safari lodge please book with adventure in the wild safaris and you won’t regret your honeymoon holiday at Uganda safari lodge.

How to access Uganda Chobe safari lodge?

The lodge is located in Murchison falls national park and it is overlooking the Nile River falling from karuma falls to Murchison falls.

On road transport the lodge is about 272 kilometers from Kampala and it is 5-6 hours drive on a tarmac road including the stopover points using a 4×4 vehicle.

While on air transport, it is a one hour’s flight to reach the Uganda Chobe safari lodge airstrip that is located within the park.

The Uganda Chobe safari rates

A double room at Chobe safari lodge is at 297 USD Full board rate and single room is at 223 USD full board rate.

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