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Getting to Murchison fall national park

Murchison fall national park which is the largest national park cover a number of districts that are situated in north western part of the Kampala city Uganda such as Nwoya district, Masindi district, kiryadongo district, Bulisa district and part of Nakasongola district sited on 38400 square kilometers.

The park is divided by the Albertine Nile and it is a home to the karuma fall wildlife reserve as well as Bugungu wildlife reserve which form the Murchison fall conservation area of the protected national park that is owned and controlled by the Uganda wildlife authority a government body the is in charge and responsible of all the national parks in Uganda.

How to access Murchison fall national park?

Murchison fall national park is one of the busy tourism destinations that is highly visited and it is so much on a very high demand by a number of travelers who visit the pearl of Africa and it is one of the top destinations for the Uganda safaris that will give a tourists an insight to view the big five wildlife animals in east Africa as well as other wildlife wonders.

The park can be accessed on both road transport and air transport for all travelers that come to Africa and would like to enjoy explore the pearl of Africa as well as to enjoy an exceptional Uganda safari in the wildness for once a lifetime adventure.

Road transport: travelers can use a bus from Kampala, or private transportation services such as a self-drive from Entebbe international airport or arrange a pickup service by a genuine tour operator/ a Uganda safari expert that will assist you to organize an exceptional Murchison fall safari. Murchison falls national can be accessed from several different gates which are about five of them, such as:

Wankwar gate, this is 10km from the Arua-Gulu main road situated in the northern sector of Murchison fall national park near Purongo it can be used by travelers coming from the Gulu or kidepo valley national park

Tangi gate, this is 110 kilometers from karuma bridge on, it is situated in the northern sector of Murchison falls national park and it will take you only 2 kilometers to reach the  park headquarters, using this gate will require travelers  to cross the ferry so as to access the southern sector of the  park.

Mubako gate, this can be accessed from karuma falls bridge on pakwach road from Kampala, travelers using this gate will have an insight to enjoy the viewing the scenic beauty of karuma falls as they cross Nile river from karuma bridge

Bugungu gate, the gate is about an approximate of 135 kilometers, from Masindi town, and it is one of the gates that are situated in southern sector of the Murchison fall national park. It can as well be accessed through budongo forest national park in southern sector giving you scenic views of the rift valley escarpment as well s budongo forest.

Kichumbanyobo gate, it will take travelers two to three hours’ drive and an approximate of 85 kilometers from Masindi town, the gate is situated in the southern sector of the park, and it can as well be accessed via kaniyo pabidi forest.

Air transport, as mentioned earlier, the park has got about three air strip field where aircrafts that operate Uganda safaris can land, such as Chobe air field which is located in Nwoya district in the northern sector of Murchison falls national park near Chobe safari lodge.

Bugungu airfield that is situated near Paraa in southern sector closed to the Uganda wildlife headquarters. Bugungu is as well close to Paraa safari lodge which one of the luxury accommodation the park, it can as well be used by travelers going to Red Chili safari camp, simba safari lodge and Nile camp.

Pakuba airstrip , it is situated in the northern sector of Murchison falls national park and it is operated by the civil aviation authority and it is 756 kilometers from Entebbe international airport, 15 kilometers from Bugungu, and 72 kilometers from Chobe safari lodge.

What is the best time to access Murchison fall national park?

Uganda wildlife safari in Murchison fall national park are organized all year round but the best  to visit  the park would be in the dry season which we look at as the peak season of the Uganda safaris, this is during the months of December to February, June to mid-October when there is little expected rainfalls.

During the dry season a wide range of wildlife animals gather at the water collection points to wash off their thirsty,  thus they can easily be spotted by travelers on a game drive safari in Murchison falls national park.

However there are travellers who prefer to visit to Murchison falls national park during the low season which is usually the rainy season in Uganda since many travelers, don’t like traveling in crowds and others would prefer to enjoy the discounted rates offered by the safari lodges as well as tour operators during the low season despite its chad rive

Whether travelers have used road transport in a 4×4 vehicle or air transport means, they all have incredible and exceptional adventure experience on Uganda safari and there is a great opportunity to easily access a wide range of accommodation facilities that they can use on their safari, the accommodation facilities range from mid-range to budget and luxury facilities depending on a travelers budget and interest. They include, Chobe safari lodge that is close to Chobe airstrip, budongo eco-lodge, heritage safari lodge, Pakuba lodge, shoe bill rest camp, Paraa safari lodge among other accommodation facilities with very good and excellent services as well as the welcoming staff that assist travelers enjoy their stay  as they are on safari in Murchison falls national park.

In conclusion, when on road transport, through the northern gates, travelers will drive from Kampala city  via karuma town, then pakwach high way and later branch off from karuma bridge and proceed to Paraa headquarters.  From Kampala to Murchison fall national park, it is an approximate of 5-6 hours’ drive using a 4×4 vehicle, and the northern gates are recommended to travelers travelling from kidepo valley national park and Gulu town.

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