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Uganda game safari

Are you searching for game safari in Uganda? This is one of the extremely interest safari when you visit the pearl of Africa. She has got a wide range of unique wildlife animals that are surviving in both the Savannah and tropical rain-forests of her national parks that are situated in different regions of the country.

Where to go on Uganda game safari?

Uganda is a home to 10 conserved and protected national parks that are habitat to the wonderful animals, the beautiful flora and fauna and the scenic views of Savannah vegetation. These national parks include Murchison falls national park the largest national park that is a home to the great might Murchison waterfall and other game wonders, queen Elizabeth national the second largest located in south western Uganda in kasese district and it is famous for tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector, lake Mburo national park on Mbarara –Masaka road, kibale forest national park best destination for chimpanzee trekking experience , Bwindi impenetrable forest national park that is famous for the most rewarding gorilla trekking experience, semiliki national park famous for the hot springs , Mount Rwenzori national which is known as the snow caped mountains of the moon and Mount Elgon national home of the beautiful Sipi waterfall.

Although all these national parks have got wildlife animals that can be seen on a game safari, there are some top and best recommended national parks that give a great fascinating experience while on a Uganda game  safari, such as Murchison falls national park that is not only a home to the great waterfall, Savannah and forest views, the Albertine Nile, famous place to find the Rothschild giraffes and other wonderful wildlife animals including the big five wonders such as the gentle elephants, lions, leopard, the hippos on the Nile bank, buffaloes, zebras herds, the impala antelopes, chimpanzees in budongo forest among others.

Another recommended destination for a game safari is Queen Elizabeth national park that has got a lot to explore such as the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector, the chimpanzees in kyambura gorge, the scenic views of the Mweya peninsular, the kazinga channel as well as other wildlife animals such as the large herds of elephants, zebras, antelopes, leopards, hippos among others.

Kidepo valley national park is an amazing game safari destination with large herds with of wildlife animals that live in the open Savannah environment. The uniqueness about this national park is that it gives travelers an opportunity to view a wide range of animals that can easily be seen during the dry season when they have gathered to drink water, some of them cannot be seen elsewhere and if seen they might be few in number.

The game safaris can be enjoyed with a game drive in the wildness, on a boat cruise ride and it is so remarkable when on a hot air balloon flight that gives you an insight to enjoy viewing wildlife that cannot be seen on a game drive in the African jungle. Contact Adventure in the wild safaris for more information and for an incredible game safari.

What is the best time for the Uganda Game Safari?

The Uganda game safari is also a year round Adventure that is offered any time the traveler would like to enjoy the game drive in the African wildness. However for the perfect and exceptional experience we advise travelers to book their game safari in Uganda during the dry season since during that time the roads are not slippery due to the little rains receive once in a while and in the dry season a lot of wildlife animals gather at the water point to drink water and they can be moving all over the park to search for food thus they can be easily seen on a morning to evening game drive.

On the other hand travelling in the rain season enables travelers to save some dollar since of the game safari are at a discounted rate. During the rainy season usually it is what we refer to as the low season or off season in the Uganda tourism industry where few travelers are coming to Uganda to enjoy the Safari Adventures and wonders in the African jungle.

This is the time when accommodation facilities are not so crowed and they have occupancy in the rooms, they thus give discounted offers/rate on their rooms to group travelers and other travelers who book their hotel so as they can encourage many tourist to travel and enjoy the Uganda game safari at the same time it helps them to survive in business during the off season. This is a common thing to tour operators, they always have discounted Uganda safari offers to travelers who travel in the low season. Don’t miss out on our discounted offers in the off season so as you can save so dollars and enjoy exception adventures in the pearl of Africa.

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