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Uganda Safari Guide

Uganda is one of those great destinations that travelers don’t want to miss out when they visit Africa due to its unique tourist activities that located in different areas of the her motherland and the transfer to those safari destination another remarkable experience as travelers get a chance to explore the pearl of Africa in its fullness.  With the Uganda safari guide, we present you the different destinations to visit while on a Uganda safari, which tourist attraction to visit and activities to enjoy that will give you rewarding memories about your visit to the pearl of Africa. Our safari guide will give an opportunity to have answers about your expectation of

Uganda safari destinations guide

The safari destinations to explore while on Uganda safari will depend on what the traveler is interested to enjoy when he/she comes to the pearl of Africa. However the tourist destinations range from cultural destinations to business destination, city tour destinations to wildlife destinations, from great mountain Adventure destinations to water body sport adventure, gorilla trekking to all other primate experience and many many more.

However it is important to know that Uganda destinations are endless they cannot be explored in just one day and in addition to this everyday there are still new discoveries since Uganda has is still a virgin tourism destination where a lot has not been discovered.

Though the list is endless whatever Uganda offers on a safari is unique and the best experience for a lifetime adventure depending on how it has been designed and packaged for the traveler to consume.

Best Uganda safari experiences

Gorilla trekking experience is one of the best activities and great wonders in the world that every traveler would like to enjoy after they have saved some dollars to travel to Africa. The activity is famously best done in Uganda due to the fact that she is a home to almost half of the gorilla population that is remaining in the world and the rest of the other countries are Congo and Rwanda.

If you are searching for the most rewarding, incredible and fascinating Uganda safari, then gorilla trekking safari is the one of the best alternative that travelers shouldn’t miss out when they visit the pearl of Africa.

Gorilla trekking is famously best done in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park which is a tropical rainforest with very high altitudes that favors the survival of about 400 mountain gorillas. The park is as well as a home to 17 gorilla families that are found different sectors of the Bwindi forest

Uganda wild safari is another famous adventure here in Africa and Uganda has one of the best and great wildlife experiences with different wonderful and unique features and animals that may not be found elsewhere in Africa. Among these wildlife wonders there is the fascinating big five animals that are found in East African countries that were named by the big African hunters. The big five wildlife search is so as amazing as travelers search for it in the top and best Uganda safari destinations. They include the lion which is king of the jungle, the gentle leopards, the giant and beautiful elephants, the buffaloes and rhinos, other wildlife animal include the giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, large herds of zebras, impala antelopes, topis, Uganda kobs, bush bucks among others.

The best destination for wildlife game viewing is Murchison fall national park that is home to the great might and beautiful Murchison water fall, it is also famous for the Rothschild giraffes that are not found in other national parks except where it was reintroduced from Murchison, the other is queen Elizabeth national park that is famous for the tree climbing lions and other wildlife wonders and scenic views, the game safari is great adventure while on a hot air balloon safari that gives you an insight to see the hidden wildlife in the jungle. However this is only done in Murchison falls national park and it can be turned extremely interesting with a game drive and boat cruise after air balloon bush breakfast.

The visit to Uganda’s capital of adventure is another amazing Uganda safari experience, the will give you an opportunity to enjoy the Nile water sports activities such as bungee jumping adventure  experience, white water rafting adventure and a boat ride to visit the source of the Nile. The Jinja visit has a lot of endless adventure to enjoy while on a Uganda safari. Travelers can choose to enjoy nature and zip lining in Mabira forest which can be customized together with the visit to Ssezibwa falls; they can take a Jinja city tour to bunjagali fall horse and bike riding among other activities.

Kidepo valley national park is also another best destination for the game safari in Uganda with larges herds of wildlife in the found in open savannah and its wonderful views if flora and fauna, though the park is far when you road transport and with air transport it is so incredible.

Uganda safari guide also offers the incredible Kampala city tour adventure that will give an insight to enjoy the authentic views of Kampala which is land of the seven hills, with other lot of great wonders in the city, places to visit on a Kampala city tour adventure experience include, the Gadhafi mosque, the Baha’i temple, the independence monument, the Uganda parliament, the kabaka’s palace, Kasubi tombs, Owino market, the Uganda museum, the craft villages among Others.

Best safari company guide

It is very easy though challenging to select the perfect the Uganda safari expert to use on a Uganda safari but there are some procedures that will assist travelers to select the best safari expert such as visiting the company’s reviews on trip adviser, searching on the tourism association to find whether the company has membership with any tourism association, you can as well carryout a cost safari price shopping from different tour operators then compare because tour operators tend of cost and under charge and others will offer the right and perfect cost, among other techniques.

Adventure in the wild safaris we are the perfect suit for your safari in Uganda as we have been ranked as one of the best leading tour operators in organizing Uganda safari and if you search about us we qualify for the above mentioned key points and we exceed the traveler’s expectation in safari arrangement. Just contact us with all your inquiries regarding Uganda safari guide. It is important to know that all our safari packages are inclusive of an English speaking professional drive guide who will give an exception safari and company while on your safari.

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