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Huts of the Rwenzori

Huts of the Rwenzori.

During the process of hiking mountains such as Mountain Rwenzori, experts set up hiking settlements that help non-hikers, and new hiking traveler to have ease in hiking whereby they are able to relax at the right time after a specified distance. these are some of the Huts or Rwenzori accommodations in Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Nyabitaba hut.

The starting point for the first day of trekking or for a quick trip to the Rwenzori is Nyabitaba Hut. This hut was renovated in 2008. It is 10 kilometers from Nyakalengija and requires a 4 to 5-hour hike through mountainous woodland and the settlements of the Bakonjo. It consists of a two-room wooden structure with a pit toilet attached and tap water that is pumped in from Lake Mahoma nearby. The hut can accommodate…beds and has mattresses available. The area is gorgeous and offers breathtaking views of the Portal Peaks towards the north.

John Matte Hut.

The cabin is located on a hillside along the banks of River Bujuku and is named after John Matte, the Mountain Club of Uganda’s first president. It is a three-room timber structure. A pit latrine is accessible. This is where the second day’s journey along the core circuit, which is regarded as the toughest leg of the trek, comes to an end.

Bujuku hut.

Bujuku Hut underwent a thorough renovation in 2009, and the brand-new timber hut is now situated next to the previous tin structure. The site is excellent because it is near the paths leading to Mountain Stanley (from the South), Mountain Speke, and the Congolese side of the park (from the North). The Bujuku Lake, which is close to the hut, inspired the name. Spring water and eco-toilets are also accessible. From here, you can see Mountain Baker directly in front of you and the Stanley Plateau to your right in stunning detail. From this lodge, you plot your ascent to Mountain Speke and Mountain Stanley.

Elena hut.

Before beginning the ascent of the Stanley plateau, one must pass via this cabin. It is situated atop Mount Stanley’s rocky terrain at a height of 4.563 meters. In light of the weather and location, the hut is fairly modest and does not provide many amenities. It primarily serves as a staging area for ascents of Mount Stanley. It faces Mount Baker and Mount Speke directly,

 however the fog frequently covers it.

Kitandara hut.

The Lower Kitandara Hut, one of the most stunning and romantic spots in the Rwenzori, is where the hut is located. There is a one-room tin cottage there. The Mount Luigi of Savoy can be seen to its best advantage from this location. A pit latrine exists. The ascent of Mount Baker and Mount Luigi of Savoy begins here.

Guy Yeoman Hut.

The hut is positioned among the coniferous trees surrounding the Mubuku River on the banks of the Kabamba Valley. The hut is a two-room timber structure with an attached pit latrine. There are the stunning Kabamba waterfalls next to the cabin.

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