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Uganda horse safari

Horse safari has is another adventure that is not common in very many tourism destination but it is an extremely interesting adventure to try for travelers who like exploring the pearl of Africa hidden wonders and beauty that cannot be finished in one day. Adventure in the wild safari the one of the best Uganda safari experts presents to you the Uganda horse ride safaris offers that you can enjoy while on your holiday vacations. Horse safari riding doesn’t require any kind of experience since it is conducted with the assistance of a guide who will ensure your safety and security until the end of the activity, therefore any traveler interested in the Uganda horse safari can join the adventure although he has never tried it before.

Where to go for Uganda horse safaris?

Horse riding safaris in Uganda famously best-done in to tourism destinations however the horse ride can be organized to tour the local villages, to explore the rolling hills scenic beauties of Uganda, visit tea plantation and national parks.

One of the famous places for a horse safari ride is lake mburo national park which is a small national park in Uganda very unique wildlife that closely be viewed  on a horse ride safari with one of the experienced and trained park ranger guide. The horse ride safari in Uganda is one of the affordable and safe adventure experience where all first time riders are given basic knowledge on how to control the horse movement depending on a traveler’s preferred pace, it is as well conducted with an escort of guide to ensure the safety and security as well  as telling you about the interesting stories about what wildlife that you are viewing on s horse ride.

Some of the wildlife travelers will enjoy on game horse ride in lake mburo  national park include, the large herds of zebras, the rare impala antelopes, the Uganda kobs, waterbucks, the hippos, the eland, the Africa caped buffaloes, Rothschild giraffes that were reintroduced from Murchison falls national park, leopards, Oribis among other animals as well as bird species.

In Lake Mburo national park, horse ride safaris are operated by Mihingo safari lodge that has got seven horses as well as ponies giving an opportunity to groups and families to enjoy a horse ride experience full of great memories and refreshment in the jungle.

Another place to enjoy the Uganda horse safari adventure is at the source of the Nile in Jinja. Jinja is known as the Uganda’s capital city of adventure that has got a lot of sport activities on the Nile river  and horse riding is among them, others activities include white water rafting , bungee jumping bike riding among others. Horse riding safari can be organized together with other activities to suit a typical true African adventure in the wildness due to the fact that activity doesn’t take a lot of hours it can last for half a day.

Horse riding safari is one of the excursionist Uganda safari that can be included on one day trip for great memories together with other tourism adventure safaris. A horse ride safari at the source of the Nile will offer you exceptional views of river Nile which is the largest river in the world, the scenic overlooking views of river hills and river valley.

What is the cost of Uganda horse safari?

The cost will depend on how long the ride will take, in Jinja it is 40 USD for a hours ride, 50 USD for one and half hours, 60 USD for two hours and 80 USD for three hour. The magical adventure experience is worthy and attached to value every dollar paid to enjoy the horse safari in the wildness. The price cost of a horse ride is per person and a maximum 6 people can participate in the activity. Don’t forget to book with adventure in the wild safari for the perfect and incredible horse ride safari in Uganda, please contact us for great memories in the pearl of Africa.

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