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Uganda safari experience

Uganda is not only famous as a top and great destination for the endangered mountain gorilla experience….but it is one of the best destinations in Africa that offers most of the once life time adventure safari experience in the world. The country is the heart of Africa’s gold hidden the wildness which it offers to west, south and east Africa at large.

She is termed the pearl of Africa due to its gifted diversity of nature that welcomes all travelers from the west, east, north and south of her motherland, this ranges from the snow capped mountains of the moon (mount Rwenzori) to the tranquil beauty of kazinga channel that separates lake Edward and George, the wonderful forces and sounds of the Murchison falls to greatness scenic views of lake Bunyonyi which is the deepest lake in Africa, from the Savannah to the tropical rain-forests, from the mountains to the water bodies.

The country is showered with sun rays from the equator; it is full of hospitable people, friendly and so welcoming in all corners of her motherland embracing their tradition culture. Adventure in the wild safaris welcomes you to Uganda to explore the pearl of Africa in its fullness without compromising on what you’re interested to experience. Please contact us for the Uganda safari experience.

Some of the Uganda safari experiences include the following;

Gorilla trekking safari experience, this is every traveler’s lifetime dream experience in the pearl of Africa due the facts about mountain gorilla’s discussions on different platforms. Such as, according to statics, there are about 880 mountain gorillas remaining in the world and Uganda is a home to about 400 mountain gorillas surviving in Bwindi forest and about 80 mountain gorilla populations in Mgahinga forest national park. The remaining other population is shared between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Gorilla trekking experience in Africa is famously best do in Bwindi forest national park of Uganda and she is has been ranked as the best gorilla trekking destination in Africa.

The gorilla trekking experience is most fascinating adventure as travelers visit these unique gentle creatures in their natural habitat. To reach a gorilla family will require hiking the forest hills of Bwindi forest which is an extremely interesting and amazing thing going through the impenetrable forest to find Mr. Silverback gorilla in the high altitude areas.

Uganda has the most safe and affordable gorilla trekking safari due to the fact that Uganda gorilla trekking permit is 600 USD compared to that of Rwanda which is 1500 USD per person and Uganda gorilla trekking habituation is 1500 USD and gorilla habituation is only done in Uganda. It is so adorable to enjoy such a safari experience in Uganda to an extent that no traveler would really love to miss out the adventure.

The Uganda wildlife safari experience

Uganda is gifted with 10 national parks that is a home to a wide range of wildlife animals and bird surviving in the savannah and tropical rainforests of the park. These hold the pearl of Africa’s Uniqueness in the wildness with wonderful scenic views of the flora and fauna.

The Uganda wildlife animals can be seen on game drive safari with the drive guide, on boat cruise ride experience or on an adventurous hot air balloon safari experience. with these options travelers will get an opportunity to admire the beautiful gentle elephants, hippos, Rothschild giraffes, lions, leopards, herds of buffalos, heads of impala antelopes, Rhinos, herds of zebras among others. Besides the mountain gorilla trekking experience, wildlife safari experience is another adventure that travellers can’t afford to miss when they visit Uganda.

The Uganda Birding watching Safaris Experience.

Uganda is a home to over 1060 bird species which are in abundance for all the birders that would like to visit the ‘pearl of Africa’. She is known as a birder’s paradise that gives best and most rewarding experience in Africa. Some of the best birding destinations in Uganda include, the Mabamba bay wetland on Lake Victoria, kibale forest national park, Bwindi forest, Lake Mburo national park, budongo forest national park, Lake Bunyonyi, Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park, semiliki national park among others

Uganda Africa safari adventure experiences

This will require travelers to not only enjoy the mountain gorilla adventure but to as well customize their gorilla trekking safari with a visit to Jinja which is Uganda’s adventure capital. Don’t miss out a chance to enjoy the white water rafting adventure experience as you explore the source of the River Nile, bungee jumping adventure, zip-ling in Mabira forest among others. Uganda is full of adventurous activities that can never be done in one day but will always require you come back for another new experience.

Uganda fishing safari experience

Spot fishing is another interesting experience that is done on Lake Victoria and in the Albert Nile. Murchison falls National Park is the best spot and destination for fishing safaris in Uganda where you will get an opportunity to catch the world’s largest Nile perch fish that is not easy to be caught elsewhere in Africa. The activity requires some experience and fitness and it is usually done with a professional guide. Don’t miss out on spot fishing safari experience with adventure in the wild safaris as you to visit the pearl of Africa.

Uganda City tour safari Experience

Kampala is the commercial capital city of Uganda that is as well-known as land of the seven hills and it has a lot offer to all travelers that visit Uganda on their holiday. Travelers can take a bicycle ride or Boda-Boda ride to take them around the city and its wonders. Some of the places to visit on city tour include the independence monument, kabaka’s palace, the Uganda parliament, the Baha’i Temple, kabaka’s lake, Kasubi Tombs, Makerere University; Namugongo martyrs Shrine, Owino market among others.

 Mountain Hiking Uganda Safaris Experience.

Mount Rwenzori in Uganda is known as the snowcapped mountains of the moon due to the snowcapped witness by the Greek explorers, and it is famous for the adventurous hiking experience with a lot of scenic beauties to explore on the mountain slopes. Other mountains for hiking experience include Mount Elgon, mount Sabinyo among others

Chimpanzee trekking Uganda experience

This is an extremely an interesting adventure experience as meet these creatures which look like human beings and it is famously best done in kibale forest national park. As you trek the chimpanzee in kibale forest national park, you have an insight to enjoy seeing 10 other primates in the park.  Such as the black and white colobus monkeys, Red Tailed Monkeys, Grey checked mangabey, olive baboons, and the blue monkeys among other mammals.

Chimpanzee safari experience can as well be done in budongo forest, kalinzu forest, kyambura gorge in queen Elizabeth National park. The chimpanzee gorilla trekking experience goes for 150 USD per person and chimpanzee habituation is 220 USD per person in kibale forest national and in budongo forest chimpanzee trekking is 90 USD per person.

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