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Uganda safari Forum

The Uganda safari forum is another interesting topic to many travelers who would like to know about the Uganda safari before their final decision to travel to Africa and what they would like to experience when they visit the pearl of Africa. The Uganda safari forum is an extremely interesting discussion running on different platforms; it is like a travel guide Uganda safari destination facts and offers that has assisted many travelers to come up with the perfect decision while planning their Uganda safari.

Uganda being one of the top upcoming great destination perfect for the Africa safari, it has an endless list to present on the Uganda safari forum that is all full of adventure experiences in the wildness that many travelers cannot afford to miss on African safari.

Facts about the Uganda safari forum

Uganda has been ranked as the best leading destination for the gorilla trekking experience in the world. This is based on various factors and facts such as; she is a home to almost half of the remaining endangered mountain gorilla population in world that are surviving in Bwindi forest in the high altitude areas of the forest as well as in Mgahinga forest national park.

In Uganda gorilla trekking experience is the key and number one activity that brings in a lot of revenue in the country. On this note the Uganda government has managed to ensure that gorilla trekking safaris is safe and affordable to all travelers that visit the country.

This is in such a way that, the Uganda Wildlife Authority charges 600 USD for gorilla trekking experience and there is no traveler  who has regretted in buying the gorilla trekking permit due to incredible and rewarding adventure experience that gentle creatures offers. The government has gone further to deployed both military efforts like UPDF police and the Uganda tourism police to ensure the security and safety of all travelers come to enjoy the Uganda safaris.

These  tourism police and military forces is at the borders of Uganda and other countries as well as in the surrounding communities to protect the wildlife animals, the endangered mountain gorillas as well as travelers on a Uganda safari. These move day and night in the conserved and protected national parks of Uganda. This has given credit to the country as it is as well ranked as the top destination with the safest and affordable mountain gorilla safaris compared to Rwanda and the democratic republic of Congo.

Unlike other countries that have the mountain gorillas, Uganda gorilla trekking safari can be customized together with a number of other adventurous activities that will give a traveler more memories about his visit to Uganda depending on long he/she is stay in Uganda.

This is extremely interesting and can be done by adventure in the wild safaris, the best leading Uganda safari company in operating safaris both within and outside the country. Just feel to contact us so as we can design your Uganda safari depending on your interests.

Besides the gorilla trekking adventure in the African jungle, on the Uganda safari forum we present to you the most rewarding and fascinating destinations to view and experience the wildlife animals, nature and creativity in the savannah and tropical rainforests with the beautiful scenic views of fauna and flora in the wildness.

The best great and famous top destinations to enjoy viewing the wildlife is Murchison fall national park the largest national park in Uganda and Queen Elizabeth national park the second largest in south western Uganda as well as kidepo valley national park. The protected areas have got wonderful savannah and forest wildlife to view on a Uganda safari. The unique wildlife animals can be viewed while on a Uganda balloon safari, on a game drive or on a boat cruise ride on the Albert Nile in Murchison and kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Apart from the above mentioned national parks, there are national that you can enjoy Uganda wildlife viewing such as Lake Mburo national park and semiliki national park, although the parks are known for very and rare wildlife that will be seen on a game drive.

The Uganda safari platform presents to you the Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari experience which is another adventure to explore that travelers should not miss out when they visit Africa. Chimpanzee trekking experience is best done in kibale forest national park although it can also be found on other areas such as chimpanzee trekking experience in budongo forest, kalinzu forest and kyambura gorge section of Queen Elizabeth national park.

The wildlife animals to view includes the ‘big five’ animals in east Africa such as the lions, elephants, leopard, Rothschild giraffes, hippos, buffaloes, zebras, rhinos, leopards

Chimpanzee trekking permit in kibale forest national park costs 150 USD per person per day while as the chimpanzee habituation costs 220 USD per person per day. In budongo forest national park it costs 90 USD per person per day, this can be customized with Uganda wildlife safari viewing in Murchison falls national park.

Chimpanzee gorilla trekking experience in kibale forest national park gives you an insight to enjoy other primate viewings since the park is home to 10 primate mammals such as the white and black colobus monkeys, grey checked mangabey, red tailed monkeys, and blue monkeys among others.

On the Uganda safari forum we present to you the golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga forest national park. We can design and customize the golden monkey trekking Uganda safari in Mgahinga forest with gorilla trekking experience as well as the batwa community visit depending on what traveler is interested to enjoy.

Among the 18 gorilla trekking families in Uganda, Mgahinga forest national park is a home to one gorilla family called Nyakasige which has just recently settled in Mgahinga forest but before it used to make its movements to mount Virunga national park in Congo and volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

Uganda safari forum has a lot to offer to all travelers that visit the pearl of Africa, these ranges from adventure safaris in the Uganda’s adventure capital in Jinja city where you enjoy adventurous activity like white water rafting, bungee jumping among others.

Don’t miss out hiking the famous mountain Rwenzori which is known as the snow caped mountains of the moon with its scenic views and beauty on the sides as well as climbing Mount Elgon which will give you an insight to enjoy the sipi falls wonders which is the largest in Africa.

Uganda safari forum best time

For the Uganda safaris we recommend travel in dry season which is the peak season where many travelers are coming in Uganda and a lot of wildlife animals are moving to nearby water bodies and swamps to take water, these can easily be spotted in large herds on a game drive.

During the dry season the roads are passable and hiking to trek the mountain gorillas becomes easy since the gentle giants survive in the high altitude areas of Bwindi forest.

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