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Uganda safari fees

All Uganda safari packages/offers come at a price due to combinations of different services from different service providers in different destination depending on the type of activity that a travel would like to enjoy. It is the right of all travelers to know the cost of a Uganda safari depending what they are interested to see on a Uganda safari so that to avoid surprises at the end the trip. This gives them proper planning and make enough saving for their Uganda safari depending on how long a traveler would like to visit Uganda.

Highlights of a Uganda safari fees

The Uganda safari fees are a combinations transportation fees, accommodation and meals fees, activity fees, park entry fees, service provider fees among others including the miscellaneous fees. Some safari fees will depend on the travelers extra interest while his/her holiday.

What is the use Uganda safari fees to a traveler?

When tourists are aware of the fees of any Uganda safari and its entire accompaniments it will give travelers proper budgeting decision so that a tourist can as well as customize the safari activities during their stay for the best experience with a discipline of attaching value to money of any traveler.

It is also important to know that different Uganda safari have got different fees, for example the price of a gorilla trekking safari is not the same as that of chimpanzee trekking safari, Uganda wildlife safari or a cultural Uganda safari.

What to consider for Uganda safari fees

The time of travel to Uganda, during the peak season in the dry season in the months of June to mid-October and December to February, the Uganda safari fees are always high due to the high demand for the for the Uganda safaris and a lot of tourists are visiting the country. While as during the low season in the rainy season, the Uganda safari fees are low because there are few tourists coming to Africa.

The type of accommodation facilities, this should be a sensitive factor to consider before booking the Uganda safaris and it is important to note that very few accommodation lodges in the tourism destination reduce their accommodation rates during the low season/off season.

The accommodation facilities range from luxury lodges, mid-range and budget lodges, therefore the fees of a Uganda safari to any traveler will be influenced by the accommodation lodge the traveler is would like to use while on their safari.

Activities to engage in while on your safari, this is the major focal point of any travel even before they set off from home to visit Uganda, some activities on a Uganda safari need enough savings and planning due to the fact that each activity has its own fees and majority of these activities are located in different locations. For example the fees of a gorilla trekking safari will be higher than the price of a wildlife safari depending on the number of days that traveler is to spend on their the same time, the gorilla trekking permit is 600 USD per person while as wildlife viewing is 40 USD per person including the park entry fees. Therefore travelers should know that the activity a traveler will do while on their safari.

The number of people and days they are to spend on a Uganda safari, the safari fees will higher for sole travelers, and couple of travelers but the fees of group travelers will be lower since there is price sharing in transportation, accommodation and other activities. On the other hand the number of days spent on a safari will influence the Uganda safari fees.

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