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Uganda safaris adventures

The Uganda safari adventures will combine wildlife viewing, the Uganda key activity which gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and cultural and community walks adventures so that you smell, see, feel and tastes the culture wealth of the indigenous people and their tradition culture. At the end of your safari adventure in the pearl of Africa you will have bought our self an unforgettable and memorable take home experience.

Don’t forget to book with Adventure in the Wild Safaris as your local tour operator to offer the best adventure safari services which we are sure you won’t regret treat from our team and professional English speaking driver guide who will take you around the pearl of Africa. Please contact us for an affordable safari adventure.

 Our Uganda safari adventure safaris will be taking you to the great safari adventure destinations to enjoy adventurous activities like white water rafting , bungee jumping, zip lining are found in Jinja the Uganda’s adventure capital, mountain climbing  and hiking at the Rwenzori mist mountain ranges among others.

Where to enjoy Uganda safari adventure

Since Uganda has a lot to offer that cannot be finished in one day,  we shall have a selected sample of the top leading  national parks that you will enjoy the wildlife viewing adventure in jungle, trek the remaining mountain silverback gorilla in the world, enjoy the boat cruise ride on lake Bunyonyi which is the deepest lake in Africa with its scenic beauties, bird species and explore the 29 islands that are dotted around the lake with most adventurous and fascinating being the punishment Island with its historical myth.

After a long adventurous safari enjoy relaxing at Lake Victoria sun beaches enjoying the ample time sunbathing, relaxing at the beach and enjoying its activities at lake shores.

Some of the adventure safaris top destinations include, queen Elizabeth national park which is known for the rare tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector that may not be found elsewhere the kazinga channel, crater lakes among others.

Murchison falls national park which is known for the great world’s greatest and fascinating water fall, kibale forest national park famous for primate wildlife animals and it is commonly known for chimpanzee trekking.

 Bwindi impenetrable forest national park which is an ever green rainforest of in the Africa that is famously known for the key adventure mountain gorilla trekking in the world holding half of the remaining endangered mountain gorillas in Africa.

 Mountain Mgahinga National Park which is also a tropical rain forest is a home to the rare mountain gorilla species and golden monkey trekking.

 Mabira forest which is known for zip lining adventures and it’s an ever green vegetation cover, and then the source of the Nile found in Jinja the Uganda’s Adventure Capital which is famously known for white water rafting and bungee jumping adventure experiences.

Other  adventure national parks include lake mburo national park , kidepo valley national park which is unknown to many travelers and its is a true rendition for tourism with huge abundance population of wildlife species, mountain Rwenzori national park which is a mist mountain and mountain Elgon national park with the largest volcano base in the world famously for hiking .

For the cultural experience’s, there is the batwa community walk around Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park so that a travelers can have the insight to interact with local people, enjoy their traditional cultural dances, and the historical background about the batwa known as the shortest people in the world (pygmies) who were fruit gatherers and hunters in the forest before they were settled by the government to live a normal life just the way others are managing in Uganda

We have the kisubi tombs of the baganda in the central located in Kampala city, the Namugogo shrine known for the killing the Uganda Martyrs, Bigo Bya Mugenyi for the first Bachwezi people among others.

Why Uganda safari Adventure

What the term adventure is understood differently by different travelers due to the fact that what one may refer to as adventure on his/her side might a boring activity, therefore the true dream of adventure safari in Uganda will depend on what a travelers in interested in seeing, feeling, tasting and enjoying at the same time one of the reasons why the adventure focus is not on activity but a diversity of activities in the true understanding of an African safari and what nit can offer  at the same time package to suit the traveler’s need and interest in a long run.

In addition, different travelers visit the pearl of Africa with a number of varying reasons besides their likes, interests and purpose of coming. For example some are students and researchers, others have come for leisure, relaxing and enjoyments, others are interested in bird watching, while other are scholars of ecology, primatology and wildlife conservationists, honeymooners among other reasons.

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