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Uganda safaris and Excursions

Would you like to do a Uganda safari and an excursion?  Please book with adventure in the wild safaris your expertise in taking around Uganda the pearl of Africa. We have experience in designing tailor made Uganda safari holidays which can be customized together with excursions depending on your interested activity.

Our Uganda safaris and excursions can run from 3 days, 4 days,5 days, 6 days, 7 days and more depending on how long a traveler would like to stay in Uganda.

 The Uganda safaris that are customized together with the excursions include, city tours and Uganda safaris, wildlife safaris and white water rafting, gorilla trekking safari and water rafting,, gorilla trekking, chimp safari and bungee jumping, wildlife, gorilla trekking and Jinja boat cruise among others since Uganda has a lot to offer.

Why Uganda safaris and excursions?

It is important to know that for any traveler to enjoy Uganda safaris package, they will need to schedule some days to send in Uganda and if the traveler is interested in an excursion, these take a maximum of one day or half day depending on the activities the traveler is interested to do.

Excursions in Uganda range from visiting the local communities, the indigenous people with their traditional culture, it in involves taking a city tour, enjoy and extra activity from long Uganda safaris such as bungee jumping and white water rafting in Jinja the Uganda’s adventure capital.

An excursion can be done basing from your hotel of residence in Kampala, Entebbe or at destination lodge of stay in the different localities of the country depending on the interested excursion activity a traveler would like to enjoy while in Uganda since the pearl of Africa is becoming one of the emerging top safaris and excursion destination due to what it offers to south, East and West Africa.

Adventure in the wild safaris is willing to offer travelers with Uganda safaris packages and also enjoy Uganda unique cultural excursions that will allow a traveler to feel, taste, hear, smell and see the culture wealth of the indigenous people in Uganda. Please book with us and you won’t miss out on the Uganda safaris and excursions offers.

How much does Uganda safari and excursion cost?

The cost of a Uganda safari and excursion will depend on what a traveler would like to see and enjoy will in Uganda and the number of days they would like to spend in Uganda. The Uganda safari offers can be customized depending on the interest and needs that the traveler would like to enjoy while on their safari. It is important to know  that the lesser the number the number of travelers the higher the price and the more the number of travelers traveling together the lesser the cost since there will cost sharing in accommodation, transportation and excursion activities as requested from the travelers.

It is also important note that the cost is also influenced by the interested season of travel of any traveler. For example, during the peak season which is normally in the dry season of Uganda, the cost of a Uganda safari and excursion is higher compared to cost in the low season which is the rainy season of the country.

This is due to the very many travelers visiting Uganda to enjoy its unique adventure activities in African jungle. This influences a lot of lodges and hotels increase their accommodation rates so they can maximize profits which will help them survive in the low season. This is also common with all tour operators as tend to offer highly priced safari packages to travelers coming to visit the pearl of Africa.

Therefore travelers should note that when they traveler in the paek season /high season they should expect the price cost off their Uganda safari and excursion to be higher compared when they choose to travel in the low season.

In the low season which usually during the rainy season very travelers visit Uganda and the hotels are not so crowded, there is less occupancy due to the fact that gorilla trekking becomes difficulty especially hiking the wet, muddy and slippery rolling hills of Bwindi forest and majority of the roads leading to the safari national parks are also wet, slippery and muddy thus travelers should expect get some dirt/ mud while on their safaris. Even animals are hiding them only come out when the sun is out to get some warmth.

In low season the Uganda safari and excursions price cost is low and almost affordable to majority of the travelers. The lodges also reduce their accommodation room rates to encourage visitor book them during the low season, they even go further to give discounted room rates to group travelers in the low season.

 The price cost of the Uganda safari and excursion also depends on the budget of the travelers because there are travelers who are interested in luxury offers, mid-range and budget offers regardless of the season they have traveled.

The price costing of any safari will also depend on the tour operators that a traveler has chosen to use because different tour operators cost differently their safaris depending on the strength they have in the market. However some tour operators exaggerate the cost of Uganda safaris and excursions and others under cost the safaris which may to poor service delivery which may turn your safari into a hell experience.

We therefore advise travelers to careful with the tour operators they have chosen to use while on their Uganda safari and excursions, it is the right of travelers to do cost price shopping from different tour operators so that they can compare before they reach the point of satisfaction decision making at the same time make more research about on how reliable a tour operator can be on your  safari depending on their reviews on trip advisor before they choose a tour operator.

Best season for the Uganda safaris and excursions

The dry season is the recommended best season for Uganda safaris and excursions as hiking becomes very easy in gorilla trekking destinations like Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park, at the same time roads are passable, and the due to drought conditions a lot of wildlife animals are moving around all over the park looking for food and water, this makes the game drive adventure so interesting as these animals move in groups they can easily be seen and spotted in the park by travelers on a wildlife safari while on a game drive.

It is also in the dry season that travelers are in position to spot out all the big five animals in east Africa surviving in their natural environment. At the same time for traveler who would like to enjoy water activities like white water rafting excursion the dry season is the best season for you since entering the water on a rainy day might be difficult and not so fascinating.

However some travelers will conclude that the rainy season I the best month to enjoy Uganda safaris and excursions since it is a low season and the prices of the safari offers are lower compared to that in the dry season where the price cost is high. This season favors mostly budget travelers.

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