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Kazinga channel

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Kazinga channel can be described as a narrow water way that is strategically located in Queen Elizabeth national park which is the second largest national park in Uganda. Kazinga channel is about 40 km long dividing at the same time connecting Lake George in the east and Lake Edward in the west. Kazinga channel lies within the Mweya peninsular and it has two parts, the north kazinga and the Kasenyi plains that is a best and famous destination spot for game viewing in Queen Elizabeth national park. The Kasenyi plains is home to Ishasha sector which is a habitat to the tree climbing lions that every traveler would like enjoy seeing while on a Uganda safari.

The kazinga channel wetland has been protected and registered with the Ramsar sites of conservation of wetlands in Africa; it is a habitat to various aquatic wildlife animals such as the crocodiles, the numerous bird species, the large populations of hippos among others.

Game viewing in kazinga channel

Kasenyi section of kazinga channel is reach in reach a lot of wild life animals such as the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector, the large populations of elephants, bushbucks, sitatunga giraffes, antelopes, the water bucks, Oribis, the African cape buffaloes, high percentage of hippos in world, the large number of Uganda kobs, the zebras the Nile crocodiles among others.

The kazinga channel wetland is known as one of the best spot for birding; it is a home to over 58 bird species such as the fish Eagle, yellow-billed stork, pied kingfisher, black bee eater, African Skimmer among others.

Boat cruise launch on kazinga channel

The boat cruise ride on kazinga channel will give insight to travelers to explore the water body, to view the fishing villages, the wildlife animals at the shores such as the lonely old buffaloes wallowing, the Nile crocodiles, the large population of elephants taking water, the huge population of hippos among others as well as a number of bird species and different scenic views of the flora and fauna beauty.

There are two boat rides operated on kazinga channel, the one operated by the Mweya safari lodge and another operated by the Uganda wildlife authority. They all give the experience on kazinga channel but most recommended to use is the one of Mweya safari lodge that offers the best experiences and luxurious services compared to the one of the Uganda wildlife authority which is doubled decked. The boat cruise safari is operated into two sessions, the morning session that starts at 9:00am and the evening session that starts at 2:00pm and it is operated by professional ranger guides and each boat ride takes a maximum of two hours. However for travelers who would like special arrangements, we can organize for them a private service with Mweya safari lodge boat cruise.

How to get to kazinga channel?

Kazinga channel is situated in the northern part of Queen Elizabeth national park and it can be reached by either road transport or air transport.

From Kampala city to Queen Elizabeth national park via Masaka-Mbarara, fort portal, kasese, it about 7-8 hours’ drive to queen Elizabeth national park. And from Bwindi to kazinga channel via kihihi-Buhoma sector to Mweya peninsular it is about 3-4 hours’ drive to kazinga channel on road transport using a 4×4 wheel safari vehicle.

While using air transport, the an aircraft from kajjansi airstrip of Entebbe international airport will drop you in kihihi then take a drive of 3-4 hours to kazinga channel via Ishasha sector then  Mweya peninsular where you will be dropped at the near safari lodge such as Mweya safari lodge that is strategically located at the shores of kazinga channel.

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