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The source of the Nile


The source of the Nile is the starting point of river Nile which is  the largest river in Africa and it is the longest river in the world about 6696 km long. The source of the Nile starts from Jinja ‘The Adventure Capital of East Africa’, it has two tributes that is the blue and white Nile which connect together in Khartoum in Sudan forming the core river which is known as river Nile.  River Nile flows through over 11 countries in Africa originating from the Mediterranean Sea   via Sudan and Egypt pouring its water in the various African countries which include south Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Eritrea, Congo and Egypt.

The source of the Nile was discovered by the early British explorer in 1856 and this was John Speke Hanning who was accompanied by his friend Richard Francis Burton on his visit to explore central Africa. River Nile generates hydroelectric power to Ugandans and it is the main source of hydro-electricity in Uganda.

Activities at the source of the Nile.

The source of Nile in Jinja known for a wide range of adventurous and exciting magical activities that travelers prefer to enjoy when they take a safari at the source of the Nile.

Bungee jumping at the source of the Nile, this newly established activity in Uganda and the source of the Nile is among those destinations where travelers can enjoy bungee jumping experience. Bungee jumping involves tying your body and legs with the head looking down towards the Nile water using a rope, you will jump off from a raised point then you swing in air space of the river water while looking into water. Bungee jumping gives you an opportunity to enjoy views of the Nile River, various bird species among others.

White water rafting

This is one of the adventurous sports activities that is enjoyed on waters of river Nile in Jinja. The activity is enjoyed in a raft boat that is filled with air and it is conducted by a profession instructor who known as the captain who assist rafters by instructing them how to paddle while in a raft. The Rafting activity starts slowly from the low grades of one and two with an accompaniment of the captain who will take you through the grades so that you gain confidence on water and preparing  you for the grade five where rapids of Nile water is rough and this level is for experienced and adventurous rafters. Grade one and two is meant for learner and young person while grade five is for the mature people who have the activity before and have gain confidence to go through the rough rapid water of the Nile. White water rafting is done in two phases such as half day rafting and full day rafting.  The activity gives travelers an insight to explorer forest islands, the river channels, source of the Nile monument, spills of water, rapid falls and many more adventurous wonders that you will enjoy when you choose to engage in this activity.

Horse riding,

Horse riding in Jinja at the sources of the Nile is one of the exception adventure activities that give incredible and unforgettable moments. The activity gives travelers an opportunity to explorer the source of the Nile and its scenic beauties, the surrounding communities, the tree plantations, sugar plantations, explore the rolling hills around as well as Jinja town. Horse riding activity in Uganda is only done two destinations that are in Jinja and in Lake Mburo national park. Horse riding in Jinja is operated by the Nile Horseback Safaris that is situated on the western bank of river Nile. The horseback safaris gives opportunity to kids to enjoy horse riding adventures as it has a number of ponies for children which accompanied by an experienced guide. The activity favors all people even first time riders can participate in the horse riding activity due to the fact horseback safari guides gives basic training skill and knowledge of how to control the horse at your pace and the horse are trained they will also respond to what you want them to do.  Don’t miss out this incredible experience that is offered by horse riding experts at the source of the Nile.


This is another extremely interesting activity that is done ta the source of the Nile. The activity is done using kayak boats on river Nile with an accompaniment of an experienced guide. Kayaking adventure will give travelers an insight to explorer the source of the Nile, the surrounding communities, sugar farmlands and tea plantations, a number of wildlife birds, view the incredible scenic beauty of the Nile river, enjoy looking ta rapids of the Nile water, among others.

Quad biking

This is also an exciting activity to enjoy at the source of the Nile, it  starts with training of how to operate the quad bikes, how to change gears, how to maintain tracks, how to the mange the bike on the road among other basic skills that will be given to travelers before they start quad biking experience. The quad bikes give travelers an opportunity to enjoy visiting the surrounding communities and explorer the behavior life patterns of the local people. The companies that operate quad biking at the source of the Nile provide the necessary requirement that is needed for travelers during the quad biking experience such as the helmets, overalls as well as all other safety measures. The quad bike experience is enjoy in three categories of people, the children of at least 12 years age, the beginners, the expert travelers

Jet boat cruise ride

This is one of the old activities that have always been enjoyed for over years at the source of the Nile. It involves a boat cruise ride using the high speed motorized boat that is operated by an expert usually known as the captain. Boat cruise ride on the source of the Nile gives travelers an insight to explorer the source of the Nile, enjoy the rapid waters of the Nile, various turns and spins thus giving you an incredible and unforgettable moment.

Sport fishing

The source of the Nile is one of the best spot for sport fishing that will give you an opportunity to enjoy catching the biggest and largest fish in the world which is known as Nile perch as well as catfish, tilapia fish, tiger fish among others.

Swimming in the source of the Nile

Swimming in the source of Nile is so interesting and it gives recreation experiences, since the source of the Nile is bilharzia free, it does not have crocodiles, hippos, and it is free from other infectious diseases.

How to get to the source of the Nile?

The source of the Nile in Jinja is so close to Kampala capital city, travelers will go through Jinja road via Mabira forest then go through Lugazi and later connect to Jinja which is home to the source of the Nile. Along the way you will enjoy viewing sugar plantation, tea plantations, as well as roadside markets of the local people.

The source of the Nile can be accessed on road transport using a 4×4 safari vehicle and it takes about 2 hours’ drive when there is no jam and when there is jam it will take you 3 hours’ drive.

The source of the Nile is one of the incredible breath-taking tourism destination in Uganda that can be customized together with other Uganda safari tour such as gorilla trekking safari, Uganda wildlife safaris among others and its activities at the source of the Nile can be done with in one day thus it’s one of the best place for excursionist safaris.



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