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Kampala City, Kampala Uganda – City on Seven hills

Kampala city, the Capital of the Republic of Uganda is one of the most radiant and active cities on the African Continent. With a Population of over 1.5 Million people, Kampala city is home to several Ugandans who either live in the city or work in the city during the day. Many of the people living in Kampala come from far places across the country and as such Kampala Uganda is a city of diverse culture.  Here is a guide to Kampala City.

Kampala City Location and History

The name Kampala comes from the local dialect Luganda, meaning “For Impala”. Kampala City therefore derives its name from the antelope species called the Impala. During the early 19th Century, Frederick Lugard came to Uganda and built a fort on Old Kampala hill. The Old Kampala hill had several Impala living on it during this period thus the name Kampala.

Kampala city is located in central Uganda, in the Buganda region. Part of Kampala sits on the shores of Lake Victoria, and a large part of it is a composition of seven hills and that is why Kampala is also referred to as a city of seven hills. The original seven hills of Kampala are: Mengo, Rubaga, Namirembe, Makerere, Kololo, Nakasero, and old Kampala hill. It should however be noted that today the greater Kamapla sits on at least 21 hills.

Kampala City tour

While on your trip to Uganda / Kampala, it is always recommended that you put the Kampala city tour on your to do list. A Kampala city tour opens you to an all new world with several things to do and see. Kampala has several attractions including the following, Namugongo Matyrs shrine, Namirembe Cathedral, Bahai Temple, Kabaka’s Palace in Mengo, Gaddafi mosque, Old taxi Park, Uganda museum, Independence monument, Kabaka’s lake, and several other attracions. You can also visit the slums of Kampala, Local markets, and art galleries in which you will interact with the locals. You can have a Kamapala City by Bus, Kampala boda boda tour, Kampala walking safari or by car.

Kampala city Map

Hotels in Kampala Uganda / Kampala City Hotels

Kampala has several hotels ranging from the top luxurious hotels such as the Pearl of Africa Hotel, Hotel Africana, Kampala Serena, Kampala Sheraton, Common wealth resort, Protea Hotel to deluxe hotels such as cassia hotel, Kabira Country club, Mestil hotel, fairway hotel, and even budget options such as Bushpig backpackers, fat cat backpackers, forest cottages etc. The list of Hotels in Kampala Uganda is endless. These can be booked online through their websites.

Kampala Capital city Authority and Politics in Kampala

Kampala is managed by the Kampala Capital city Authority, with the lord mayor as the political head of the city. Kampala by far determines the political direction the country takes with most of the politicians and political parties residing in Kampala city.

Sports in Kampala / Entertainment in Kampala

Kampala hosts several of the major sporting events in Uganda such as marathons, football etc. The Kampala Capital City is home to several football clubs which play in the Uganda Premier league and lower leagues. The Kampala capital city Authority football club is one of the most popular football clubs in Uganda and is the official club by the city authority. Also while the Uganda cranes play at home, they play at the Nambole stadium which is also found in Kampala.

Kampala city is also vibrant during the night, and therefore a nightlife tour of Kampala allows you visit the several night clubs, and entertainment places in Kampala ranging from hangout joints, clubs and hotels.

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