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Best Time to Visit Uganda


What Is the Best Time of the Year Is To Travel to Uganda

The best time to visit Uganda  for a Uganda Safari is throughout the whole year. There are always tourists around the country at any time of the year for the same or different tourist activities at the different destinations such as national parks, River Nile, wildlife sanctuaries and those that come for different events like tourism expos.

Depending on the experience one wants to encounter and the budget of their safaris, people will choose to travel at different periods of the year. Uganda is located along the equator and experiences an equatorial climate with two dry seasons and two wet seasons. Despite its location, Uganda’s weather is also influenced by other factors such as the elevation and highlands such as Rwenzori Mountains, Mt. Elgon, water bodies especially lakes like Lake Victoria and others. During the dry seasons from June to October and from Mid-December to March is when travelers are many in Uganda and business regarding tourism is high. That period is referred to as the ‘Peak season’. That is when parks are crowded with tourist vehicles and luxury and midrange lodges are fully occupied.

On the other hand, the wet season when Uganda is receiving rain starts from April to May and from mid-October to Mid-December. In tourism, time of the year is known as the low season because tourists are few. Therefore travelers who want to visit Uganda when destinations are not over crowded should travel during the low season. The advantage of travelling during this time is that you’ll enjoy the discounted prices of accommodation facilities at some safari lodges whether luxury or midrange.

The climate of Uganda is very friendly for all tourism activities and the weather is not harsh even to first time travelers. Uganda is one of the countries with the best climate in Africa. Even if there are seasons when certain activities are said to be more interesting because of the weather, the wet season is not too bad to limit most activities. And also, of late, the climate is changing and the predictions of the weather are becoming tricky.

A Question that is often asked by people planning to travel is “When is the best time to visit Uganda?” in other words, they need you to specify for them the best month of the year when they can visit Uganda and encounter remarkable experiences of the Uganda safari.  The best time to travel will depend on the preference of the traveler. It looks at factors like being okay with or dislike of crowds, the budget one has for the safari and the activities and attractions you want to see. During the dry season which are also called peak season because tourists are many, most activities offer better rewards of wildlife which can easily be spotted around water bodies and for those going for gorilla trekking, it is easy to penetrate and hike through the trails of Bwindi forest. Those who want to have a great time for birding are advised to travel during the wet season which is also when people with tight budgets will not be disappointed as they enjoy discounted prices of accommodation.

Even though we have the peak season which we regard as a busy period, tourists are normally not too many to inconvenience anything. All activities still go on perfectly. However there are activities which require a limited number of people each day and you’ll need to book for them as early as possible. Those who want to stay in luxury lodges also have to book in advance.

Generally, the best time for most people who want to dodge a lot of heat and rain is during the transition period from one season to another. This happens a few weeks after the dry season and a few weeks after the wet season.

The best time to visit Uganda is ‘Anytime of the year’

It is commonly said that the best time to travel is during the dry season, however, since Uganda’s rains are normally not too much, there are tourists who have traveled during the wet season and they were surprised at how memorable the experiences were. In fact, the number of tourists that travel during this period is increasing over the years.

There are some activities that may be cancelled or postponed to a later time of the day for example game drive and nature walk but gorilla trekking will still go on regardless of the weather.

Weather – Rain or Shine

Still looking at the best time to travel; this is nature and we only predict the weather and are not certain about what exactly the day brings. They are predictions made basing on the patterns of climate in the past years. As we go on with the safari, if the weather becomes different from the prediction especially if the weather is bad, we always have other plans of going through the situation.

In conclusion, we let you know about the things to do and expect at different times of the year in Uganda and the choice of when to travel is left for you. Consult us at any time and the best safari is what we shall organize foe you.

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